BECE Integrated Science Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)

BECE Integrated Science Mock

To assist Junior High school students to excel in their science course or subject, we have uploaded our BECE Integrated Science Mock 1 which is a Free Online Mock.

Candidates or students are to answer all the questions. After, the submit button must be clicked for the test you have taken to be graded. The results of your performance or the answers you got wrong and right will be made known.

Take several tests and always read the questions carefully before choosing an answer.

Integrated Science is one of the key core subjects at the BECE. Candidates are required to do well in the subject to better their chances of being placed in a secondary school. As a core subject, doing well in it means scores a better raw score.

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Good luck and keep taking our test for maximum performance and preparation.

BECE Integrated Science Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)

Answer All Questions

Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find out the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question.



1. The portion of air which is used in burning is


2. Which of the following is used by green plants for respiration?


3. A patient who coughs and spits out blood may be suffering from


4. What do human beings obtain from food to enable them work?


5. Which of the following gases enables burning to take place?


6. An example of a legume is


7. The farming system that makes effective use of available soil nutrients in a growing season is


8. A farming system that requires at least three years programme is


9. A torchlight derives its energy from


10. Which of the following statements about a transistor is correct?


11. The major charge carries in p-type semiconductors are


12. The number of p-n junctions in a transistor is


13. The mineral salt in dead organisms becomes available to the soil through


14. A mirror is used to direct the sun’s rays onto the classroom wall by


15. The angle between a ray of light and the surface it strikes is 30°. Calculate the angle of incidence


16. Which of the following is an indirect source of light?


17. The darkest part of a shadow formed when a large source of light is used is the


18. All the following animals lays eggs except


19. The lion is a typical example of


20. Which of the following is not a mammal?


21. The practices that excess branches of growing plants are removed is termed


22. The vegetable crop that requires staking during its growth is


23. Cultural practices are activities undertaken on a farm


24. The most appropriate practices to adopt when growing vegetables in the dry seasons is …..


25. Dehusking and shelling are both activities carried out in the processing of


26. Weeds on the school farms could be controlled by


27. Which of the following processes results in the formation of new substances?


28. Which of the following processes is a physical change?


29. On similarity of physical and chemical changes is that both.


30. Which of the following processes results(s) in the formation of a new substance?
I. Burning of wood.
II. Rusting of iron nail.
III. Heating water into vapour


31. A substance of mass 10kg has a density of 2.0kgm-3. Calculate its volume


32. 32. The S.I unit for measuring the work done by a force is


33. An aluminium cube with a side measuring 2 m has a mass of 24 kg. Calculate the density of the aluminium.



34. The mole is the S.I unit of


35. An example of a derived quantity is


36. Which of the following substances is added to the soil to reduce its acidity?


37. The formation of humus is aided by


38. The colour of the soil profile determines the


39. Which of the following soil types has the highest capillarity?


40. A substance is termed combustible if it


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