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2024 BECE Social Studies Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)

BECE Social Studies Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)

Get ready for the 2024 BECE Social Studies Mock 1 (Free Online Mock) based on the new curriculum.

Students in JHS3 who are preparing for the WAEC BECE can take our free online BECE Social Studies Mock 1.

This is only an objective test. It contains 40 standard objective tests for students, teachers, and schools to use for their revisions.

Candidates should take every mock uploaded onto this exam-dedicated portal seriously and answer the questions.

We hope that these materials are used by all stakeholders as we prepare for the upcoming BECE.

Good luck as you take this mock online.

Note that the answers to the questions will be revealed at the end just after you submit it for grading.

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We are uploading more mock examinations (Objective Test, Subjective or Section B) and  more trail questions and answers for BECE, WASSCE and other examinations.

2024 BECE Social Studies Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)

Start the 2024 BECE Social Studies Mock 1 Free Online Mock NOW.

Read each of the questions provided here and carefully think through the alternative answers. Choose the correct answer for each question. Do well to use the elimination method when doing this text. Take out all answers there are not close to being correct then made an educated guess from the remaining answers.
Good luck as you take this free online Mock in Social Studies

1. The social environment include


2. The large percentage of the youth in Ghana’s population implies that, Ghana has


3. In a traditional society, which of the following is used to teach good morals?


4. Trokosi and female genital mutilation are cultural practices that must be abolished because


5. A major way of spreading HIV and AIDS is through


6. The environment can best be described as


7. Adolescent chastity is important because it prevents


8. The outermost part of the earth is called the


9. One of the measures the government of Ghana can use to reduce poverty is


10. The people of British Togoland joined Ghana through


11. The main reason for the transatlantic slave trade was that


12. The highest authority in the traditional area is the


13. The vegetation found in the northern part of Ghana is called


14. Motivation and supervision help in the efficient use of


15. The slave trade became largely unprofitable from the early 1800s due to


16. The main work of the members of parliament under the 1992 constitution is to


17. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade increased in volume because of the


18. An effect of slavery on Africa was that it


19. Government revenue for developmental projects is raised mainly through


20. Using a scale of 1:100,000 find the actual distance between two towns which are 4.5 centimetres apart on a map


21. The greatest contribution of the Christian missionaries to Ghana is


22. When the needle of a compass is at rest, it points to the


23. A hill with a steep slope on one side and a gentle slope on the other side is a/an


24. The basic institution that helps an individual to learn the moral values of the society is the


25. The belief in witchcraft is based on


26. Ethnic groups in Ghana are distinctly identified by their


27. Governor Gordon Guggisberg is known to have established the


28. The purpose of naming ceremonies in traditional Ghanaian homes, is to


29. The eagles in Ghana’s Coat of Arms signify


30. An extensive area of lowland is called a


31. The part of one’s income which is not spent is one’s


32. Land in most rural communities in Ghana is mainly used for


33. The major factor that has brought rapid cultural change in Ghana is


34. Joint stock companies are owned by


35. Which of the following is not a source of capital for the sole proprietor?


36. Most aspects of Ghanaian culture are displayed during


37. Which of the following is used to represent landmarks on maps?


38. To promote national unity Ghanaians are expected to be


39. Poor drainage systems in our cities result in


40. Which of the following settlements is a feature of a slum?


Question 1 of 40

You can take the BECE Social Studies Mock 1 several times. This will help you correct your mistakes in earlier attempts.

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      1. But you are able to know the questions you scored correctly. We will soon make that feature available, but you will have to register to be able to see the scores. Thanks

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