BECE BDT Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)


Welcome to the BECE BDT Mock 1. This is an online mock paper which is a free mock test by to help candidates and students, in general, to practice online.

Basic Design and Technology is one of the elective subjects at the BECE level with Home Economics and Pre Technical Skills as the options available to students.

This mock contains 30 objective test questions. The Candidate is required to read each question carefully and then select the correct answer. After answering all the questions the candidate would be required to submit the online mock paper for instance grading.

BECE BDT Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)

BASIC DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY 1 – (Pre-Technical Skills 1)

Objective Test – 40 minutes

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1. Which of the following wires carries electric current to an electric iron?


2. Select the element of design from the following options.


3. Select a neutral colour from the options below


4. To shorten the cooking time for meat,


5. In drawing, objects nearer the viewer are in the


6. Which of the following describes the strength and weakness of a design?


7. A place where artworks are displayed and sold is a


8. Figure 1 shows a sketch of wooden block. Use it to answer questions 8 and 9.

The view indicated by arrow X is



The view indicated by the arrow Y is


10. The first step in designing is


11. The main vitamin Ama gets when she eats oranges is


12. Weakness on a joint of furniture may be due to


13. From the following options, select the designing media mixed with water


14. Which of the following situations is an indirect risk to a small business?


15. The most suitable support for drawing is


16. The first procedure involved in making a wooden joint is to


17. Which of the following is true about metals?


18. Use the sketch in Figure 2 to answer questions 18 and 19.

The tool is used for


19. The part labelled T is


20. Use the sketch in Figure 4 to answer questions 20 and 21


The figure shows the process of…


21. The tool being used for the operation is ….


22. Soldering iron is made of copper because it is ….


23. A fuse wire breaks when there is ….


24. In applying finishes, the emulsion paint is mixed with


25. The most appropriate tool for enlarging holes in metals is the


26. The first step to be taken when checking a socket outlet for a fault is to


27. The soft solder is an alloy of


28. Which of the following tools is used for checking alignment of a wall?


29. Which of the following is not a method of temporary termination of a wall?


30. Which of the following is not a cutting tool?


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