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2024 BECE Computing Mock 1 (Free BECE ICT online mock)

2024 BECE Computing Mock BECE Information Communication Technology (ICT) Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)

Are you ready to test yourself with the 2024 BECE Computing Mock 1 (free online mock)? This BECE ICT online mock is worth your time and practice.

We have uploaded yet another useful assessment. You can now take our Free Online Mock 2024 BECE Computing Mock 1 (Free Online Mock).

2024 BECE Computing Mock 1 (Free BECE ICT online mock)

There are 40 objective test questions in all in this BECE ICT ONLINE MOCK. Your duty is to get the highest score possible. Cross-check each set of alternative and make the right choice in each instance.

Choose, for each question, the correct answer. Think critically before making a choice.

Once you have answered all the questions, submit it for marking.

The results will be made available instantly.

Use our free online 2024 BECE Computing Mock 1 to assess yourself and your readiness. Teachers, students, schools, and other stakeholders can use our online quizzes anytime, anywhere, once they are connected to the internet.

We hope that the more BECE ICT online mocks you take, the more you improve and learn as well.

We advise candidates to take as many mocks as possible. This will introduce them to a variety of questions.

Good luck.

Carefully read each of the questions in the 2024 BECE Computing Mock 1 before making a choice. Do not be in a rush to choose answers because some of the questions can be very tricky.

After answering the questions, you can go over all of them before you submit the answers for grading purposes.

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2024 BECE Computing Mock 1 (Free Online Mock)

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Paper 1: Objective Test: Answer all questions.

Each question is followed by four options, lettered A to D. Find out the correct option for each question, and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space that bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question.

Are you ready for this. solve all the questions provided here and test your understanding. In all instances choose the best answer and read the questions carefully to avoid making mistakes.


1. It displays information from the computer to the user.


2. Which program icon on the desktop leads to the disk drives?


3. To press the letter A, which finger is appropriate to use on a QWERTY keyboard?


4. A key on a keyboard of a computer has two symbols on its top and down. Which of the following procedures will be appropriate to use and get the top symbol?


5. The fifth stage of the information processing cycle is…………stage.


6. Which of the following is true about editing a document?

I. It helps to correct mistakes.
II. It saves the cost of printing out the wrong documents.
III. It encourages mistakes.


7. Transformed facts that are meaningful to the user are called……….


8. Computer devices such as a mouse, trackpad and joystick are referred to as ………. Device.


9. Which of the following cannot be created using a Word Processor?


10. The process of getting a deleted file from the Recycle Bin back to its original location is known as……


11. A computer accepts data input, process the data and produces


12. The component of the computer that houses the memory and the power supply unit is called…………


13. Which of the following is a typing software?


14. All the following are examples of application software except………


15. The key on the QWERTY keyboard used to produce alphabetic upper-case letters is


16. A software for preventing and removing computer viruses from the computer is called


17. To boot a computer is the same as to…….


18. Who owns the internet?


19. Which one of the following uses a LED sensor to detect tabletop movement and then sends off the information to the computer for functioning?


20. A computer can be infected with virus through


21. The act of pressing computer mouse button twice quickly without moving the mouse is termed?


22. The bar on the desktop which displays opened applications and other icons is referred to as


23. Which of the control buttons is used to resize a window to its original size?


24. The main background area on the computer is called………..


25. The wireless technology which is usually used by mobile devices and computers to connect to the internet at a faster rate is


26. Shortcut icons on desktop provide users


27. Shortcut icons are created on desktop for programs which are………used.


28. Before shutting down the computer, always close all


29. This type of malware does not replicate itself but is usually attached to other files.


30. To select a program, you have to press the


31. The number keys on a computer keyboard are marked with digits from


32. Computer files are deleted……….


33. The acronym MUSIGA stands for……


34. In the absence of a mouse, which of the following devices could be used to do its work?


35. The first key on the computer keyboard is



36. Which of the following is not a function key?


37. Which of the following parts of the computer looks like a typewriter?


38. This computer network connects several computers over a very large area.


39. All the following are features of a web browser except……..


40. A person who commits an offence under the Copyright Act is liable to paying a fine of minimum………..penalty units.


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  1. Please check some of your answers to your questions. Some of your answers are not correct. Thanks

    1. Thanks, Emmanuel Owusu for the feedback. Such feedbacks go a long way to help us improve the accuracy of the answers. We have resolved the issues. Thanks for the head up.

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