Breaking: WAEC 2023 BECE Timetable Out: Download Here

BECE And WASSCE Timetables As Your Personal Timetable Breaking WAEC 2023 BECE Timetable Out Download Here

The news coming in is that WAEC 2023 BECE Timetable is finally out. The examination which is scheduled to take place from Monday 7th August 2023 to Friday 11th August 2023 is open to all Junior High School final-year students in JHS3.

The examination which is a transition exam from Junior High School to Senior High School, Technical and Vocational Schools, and STEM schools across the country is administered by WAEC.

Per the released timetable, the first subject to be administered on day one of the examinations is Religious and Moral Education (Papers 1 and 2) followed by English Language (Papers 1 and 2)

On TUESDAY, 8th August 2023 Integrated Science and Ghanaian Language And Culture would be written by candidates while on Wednesday, they will sit for the Social Studies and Basic Design Technology.


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On day 4 of the examination on THURSDAY, 10th August 2023, WAEC will administer both Mathematics and Information And Communication Technology while the last paper of the year for the BECE candidates will be French on FRIDAY, 11th August 2023.


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WAEC 2023 BECE Timetable Out: Download Here

Schools, teachers, students, parents, and other stakeholders are to take note of the details outlined in the timetable released. Students and teachers are advised to up their preparations and revision toward the 2023 BECE.

Students can also use the released 2023 BECE timetable to prepare their personal timetable.

One thing worth considering is to match the subjects as they are arranged on the official timetable in your personal examination timetable.

Students should do well to cover every topic in each subject or at least 80 of the topics and master the concepts very well for the examination.

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