Fail 2023 BECE Social Studies With These Mistakes: Chief Examiner’s Report

2023 BECE Result Checkers BECE ‘unfair’ school placement will be applied against private schools Students preparing for the BECE are challenged to test their readiness with the following 2023 BECE Social Studies Questions: Fail 2023 BECE Social Studies With These Mistakes: Chief Examiner's Report 2023 WASSCE Timetable for School Candidates Free English BECE Mock Questions And Answers Is 2023 BECE and WASSCE Registration Free

There are many BECE candidates who fail the BECE Social Studies when they should pass easily. In this Fail 2023, BECE Social Studies With These Mistakes In The Exam Hall, learners, teachers, and parents will appreciate the mistakes that candidates did in the 2021 BECE as reported by the chief examiner.

Students who write answers containing less than 15 words are bound to fail social studies or make very low grades. In every instance, explain your point at least briefly instead of just a mere mention of the key points.

This post will highlight what needs to be done to overcome failure.

Fail 2023 BECE Social Studies With These Mistakes: Chief Examiner’s Report

BECE Chief Examiner’s Report for Social Studies

According to the Chief Examiner’s report, candidates who sat the examination were able to answer questions in the following topics or areas with great excellence.

(i) The negative effects of colonization on Ghana;
(ii) ways of improving the health needs of the youth;
(iii) the symbols of national unity;
(iv) measures to be taken to improve agricultural output in Ghana;
(v) various ways Ghanaians demonstrate their culture.

What this means is that, if you are a 2023 BECE candidate, you should also have strong or good control over the topics from which these questions were drawn. If not, a question from any of the topics can create problems for you.

The following are the weaknesses of 2021 BECE candidates which every student preparing for the 2023 BECE must watch. The Examiners can set more questions from the topics here. Again, issues that do not relate to topics but how answers are presented must be of great concern to teachers, parents, students, and schools. If you fail to work on these, you may be failing one of the easy-to-pass subjects at the BECE.


Fail 2023 BECE Social Studies With These Mistakes: Chief Examiner’s Report.

Mistakes That Will Make 2023 BECE Candidates Fail Social Studies included the following.

If you are preparing for the 2023 BECE, and you find it difficult to answer questions on the following
topics, please increase your revision efforts and work extra hard. Get help from your teacher and brilliant colleagues.

(i) Ways in which education can cause changes in the society-This is a question on Culture Assimilation. Learn this topic very well and master all the issues from parallels to culture, and reasons why some societies develop faster than others with respect to change in culture. Why do some societies adopt culture faster than others, among other others?

(ii) Ways to sustain unity in various ethnic groups in Ghana. This is about conflicts, culture, and related topics. You should be able to explain the difference between Unity and conflict, their positive and negative effects, or advantages and disadvantages.

Factors that contribute to conflict and how they can be dealt with. This also includes national unity and what can be done to improve the unity among the various ethnic groups in Ghana.

(iii) Definition of political stability – You must be able to explain what Political instability is, What factors contribute to instability in a given country, and what can be done to prevent or avoid conflict at the local, regional, and national levels.

(iv) Ways indiscipline behaviour affects individuals in society. Students must work on their understanding of indiscipline, factors that contribute to indiscipline, and how we can deal with it, among others. Indiscipline among the youth and its negative implications or effects.

(v) The contribution of NGOs to the development of Ghana -Very often teachers ignore some of these topics or do not teach them well, hence students are not able to answer questions on them.

You should be able to answer questions such as

a. What is an NGO – In defining this, do not forget to give examples of NGOs in Ghana. One good example is OK.

b. Explain the functions or roles played by NGOs in Ghana.

c. List five [5] well-known NGOs in Ghana.

(vii) Questions related to mapping our environment: application of knowledge on the scale to calculate actual distance; mastering types of maps, and scales and how to convert from one to another, how to explain the three types of scales and provide excellent pictorial examples. Advantages of each of the three types of scales. What is zoning? , What are the advantages of Zoning and proper community planning? What are slums and give four features of a slum? What can be done to improve the layout in Ghana or in your community?

(viii) Benefits of relief features: The candidate should master the explanation of relief features and be able to mention examples. The candidate should be able to draw the map of Ghana and locate relief regions or features on it. Explain the advantages or benefits of relief features.


(i) Candidates and teachers should have detailed discussions with examples from their environments to improve candidates’ understanding of some topics, such as calculating actual distance using knowledge on scales.

(ii) Teachers must assist candidates to know the contributions of NGOs to Ghana’s development;

(iii) Candidates need more knowledge from teachers, on how education can cause a change in societies;

(iv) Teachers must assist candidates to know the relief features in Ghana and their benefits.

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We have no doubt that this post “Fail 2023 BECE Social Studies With These Mistakes: Chief Examiner’s Report” is a big eye-opener to students and teachers as we head into the 2023 BECE


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