Full BECE Mock Questions (Social Studies) for Students and Schools

2023 BECE Social Studies Mock Questions and Answers - Free and Paid Downloads WASSCE 2023 Economics Social Studies BECE Mock Questions

Full BECE Mock Questions (Social Studies) for Students and Schools

Choose one question from each part. All questions carry equal marks.


1. a. Differentiate between land marks and conventional symbols. ( 8 marks)
b. State three advantages each of the following scales of map.
i. Statement scale
ii. Linear scale. ( 2 marks each)

2 a.(i) Mention five relief regions of Ghana. (5 marks )
(ii) State five measures that can be used to control water pollution. ( 5 marks )

b. (i) With a diagram, show how eclipse of the moon occurs. ( 5 marks )
(ii) Give accordingly in size, the five types of Oceans. ( 5 marks )


3. a. Give five reasons for the rise of the old Ghana Empire. ( 5 marks )
b. Explain five reasons Ghana consists of different ethnic groups. ( 15 marks )

4. Describe five problems of Ghana coming together with other countries to achieve a
common goal. ( 20 marks )


5. a. (i) Outline four contributions of the primary industry to the development of Ghana. ( 4marks)
(ii) Give any four economic problems facing Ghana. ( 4 marks )

b. Explain four ways by which the 1992 constitution of Ghana can be protected. ( 12 marks )

6. Discuss five positive roles of tourism to Ghana. ( 20 marks )

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Full BECE Mock Questions (Social Studies) for Students and Schools


Answer all questions in this section by shading the correct answer from the options lettered A-D.

1. Which of the following led the British to Gold Coast?
A. Don Diogo d’Azambujah
B. Captain Guggisburg
C. Captain Windham
D. Commander Hill

2. Which Europeans where the last to leave Gold Coast?
A. Danes
B. Dutch
C. Portuguese
D. British

3. The following are European countries except….
A. San Marino
B. Sweden
C. Mexico
D. Belarus

4. The world’s third ocean is the ………
A. Pacific ocean
B. Indian ocean
C. Artic ocean
D. Southern ocean

5. The ratio of those who are not working to those who are working is..
A. Working class ratio
B. Labour force ratio
C. Dependency ratio
D. Population ratio

6. The Ga-Adamgbe migrated from….
A. Nigeria B. Benin
C. Ghana D. Mali.
7. The natural vegetative cover of the environment being destroyed by human activities is called…..
A. Land degradation
B. Deforestation
C. Desertification
D. Pollution

8. In Ghana, manganese is mostly mined in …
A. Saltpond
B. Prestea
C. Nsuta
D. Wenchi

9. The following are primary productions except….
A. Quarrying
B. Mining
C. Herding
D. Shoemaking

10. Who designed the Coat-of-Arms ?
A. Amon Kotei
B. Ephraim Amu
C. Theodosia Okoh
D. Veronica Amoah

11. The movement of the earth around the sun is called….
A. Rotation
B. Orbit
C. Seasoning
D. Revolution

12. The largest lagoon in Ghana is …
A. Korle lagoon
B. Keta lagoon
C. Songshaw lagoon
D. Muni lagoon

13. Which of the following instruments is used to measure atmospheric pressure ?
A. Anemometer
B. Hygrometer
C. Octal
D. Barometer

14. ECOWAS is made up of ……… countries.
A. Twenty
B. Twelve
C. Sixteen
D. Fifteen

15. The outermost layer of the earth is ….
A. Crust
B. Core
C. Mantle
D. Rocks


Full BECE Mock Questions (Social Studies) for Students and Schools


16. A narrow lying ground between two highland areas is called…..
A. Valley
B. Ridge
C. Spur
D. Escarpment

17. Which of the following best explains NEPAD ?
A. National Environmental Practice And Development.
B. New Programme for African Development
C. National Emigrants for Peace And Development.
D. New Partnership for Africa’s Development

18. The …… were the Europeans who drove away the Portuguese from Gold Coast.
A. Danes
B. Swedish
C. British
D. Dutch

19. In which year was the Sagrenti war fought ?
A. 1900
B. 1784
C. 1874
D. 1924

20. Which of the following does Ghana share border with in the south ?
A. Ivory Coast
B. Burkina Faso
C. Gulf of Guinea
D. Togo

21. Moist air rising as a result of heating forms …..
A. Relief rainfall
B. Convectional
C. Orographic rainfall
D. Cyclonic rainfall

22. The major rainfall seasons in Ghana begins from …….
A. April – August
B. April – July
C. March – July
D. March – August

23. The longest river in Ghana is called ..
A. River Densu
B. Ayensu River
C. River Ankobra
D. Volta River

24. Water bodies existing in an area is …
A. Escarpment B. Ridges
C. Drainage D. Plateau

25. The formal promise Ghanaians make in public to show their resolve to protect the country is called …..
A. Oath
B. National Anthem
C. National Pledge
D. Elections

26. The practice where each of the three organs of government work independently is called ……
A. Checks and balances
B. Tribunals
C. Separation of powers
D. Inter-dependency

27. Rocky objects that orbit the sun are called ….
A. Comets
B. Meteors
C. Satellites
D. Asteroids

28. Latitude normally marked zero on maps is called the …….
A. Cancer
B. Capricorn
C. Equator
D. Hemisphere

29. Which of the following is not a British colony ?
A. Gambia
B. Liberia
C. Sierra Leone
D. Ghana

30. Sources of revenue for district assemblies in Ghana include ….
A. Basic rates
B. Income tax
C. Purchase tax
D. Sales tax


Full BECE Mock Questions (Social Studies) for Students and Schools


31. Which of the following organization the first to formed ?
A. Economic Community of West African State
B. League of Nations
C. Organization of African Unity
D. United Nations Organization

32. Which of the following sceneries is located in the central region of Ghana ?
A. Boti falls
B. Gambaga scarp
C. Kakum National Park
D. University of Cape Coast

33. Which of the following is not a latitude ?
A. Arctic circle
B. Equator
C. International date line
D. Tropic of cancer

34. In Ghana, deep shaft mining is generally associated with ……
A. Bauxite
B. Diamond
C. Gold
D. Salt

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35. The following are continents in the world except …..
A. Africa
B. Canada
C. Europe
D. Australia

36. The revolution of the earth results in..
A. Day and night
B. High and low tides
C. The four seasons
D. Wind direction

37. In which vegetation belt is Ghana’s cocoa mostly grown ?
A. Guinea savanna
B. Mangrove swamp
C. Semi-deciduous forest
D. Susan savanna

38. Ethnic conflicts must be avoided because they slow down …….
A. Economic development
B. Rural-urban migration
C. Tribal disintegration
D. Urban-rural migration

39. Peaceful co-existence among individuals in a society can be promoted through ……
A. Patriotism
B. Reconciliation
C. Socialization
D. Sympathy

40. Barometer is an instrument for measuring ……..
A. Atmospheric pressure
B. Temperature
C. Wind speed
D. Wind direction

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