BECE Composition Question: Formal Letter With A Guide & Answer

Over 100 Tough WASSCE Integrated Science Objective Questions And Answers Smart Learning Tips for Students BECE Composition Question: Formal Letter With A Guide & Answer: Study the suggested solution and guide then attempt the question provided.

As part of our contribution to your preparation, we are sharing this BECE Composition Question which is a Formal Letter, a guide, a sample solution, and another question for you to attempt.

Question of Interest

Write letter to the Minister of Transport suggesting two ways of improving the public transport road system in the country.

This is an official or formal letter. Students need to know that a formal letter is written to persons in authority such as teachers, head teachers, members of Parliament, Managers of companies, politicians, and others holding higher positions.

The letter must be formal. It must not use informal conversations, short forms of words are not encouraged either. You need a writer and a recipient’s address. The letter must have a date and a heading or a title, which must communicate the main reason for writing the letter. Using our question of interest above, the heading or title should read something close toHow to improve public transport road system in Ghana”

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One important thing to do is to brainstorm the topic and come out with key points you would explain in your essay

For this essay, we can first identify challenges in the public transport system and then go ahead to make suggestions. If you just go ahead to make suggestions, you may lose marks.

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Do not forget to write to sign and write your full name as well.

Some of the problems to discuss in this letter are

  1. Poor road infrastructure.
  2. Poor road safety and high accident rate
  3. Corruption that leads to the diversion of funds for road construction which also leads to poor road infrastructure. 

Solutions to suggest in the essay include the following

The government must expand the public transportation network by building better and more durable roads and providing other means of transportation such are train transport.

Upgrade of roads to improve the faster and safer movement of goods and people.  

Reduce traffic and congestion by introducing and implementing technology

Improve safety to deal with avoidable accidents

Now let us answer the question: 

Write letter to the Minister of Transport suggesting two ways of improving the public transport road system in the country.


God’s Love Preparatory School,

Box Lg, 6 Legon,


14th May 2021


The Minister of Transport – Ministries,

Box A1422, Accra.


 Dear Sir,


I write to officially add my voice to the call by Ghanaians to help improve the public transport road system in the country.

Road transport remains the major means of travelling in Ghana, but it is saddled with challenges.

Poor road infrastructure remains a major challenge since the roads in many parts of the country including those in my village, Kwame Danso are not motorable when it rains. In other instances, accidents have become rampant due to the poor work done by the police on our roads, corruption, and driver-related factors.

Corruption which leads to the award of road contracts to friends and family who know nothing about roads and the resulting bad roads constructed have also affected the quality of roads in many parts of the country.

Sir, I am of the view that, we can bring about improvement in the public transport system in the country if we consider the following two suggestions.

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First, the government must expand the public transportation network by building better and more durable roads and providing other means of transportation such are rail transport.

Again, we need to improve safety on our roads by installing street lights, and traffic lights and introducing road signs on our roads to help drivers, pedestrians, and passengers. This will help improve the quality of the roads and deal with avoidable accidents.

I look forward to your ministry considering these suggestions for improving the public transport system in Ghana.


Yours faithfully,


Kukua Exam-Hall



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Attempt this question:  Write a letter to your District Chief Executive explaining three reasons why a computer lab is needed in your community. 

After attempting this question, send your essay to your English teacher for the necessary feedback.

Note that you have to practice at least a BECE Composition Question each week apart from what you do at school to help you polish up your writing skills. Also, read more story books to develop your vocabulary for oral and written English.


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