BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 2)

BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 2)

We have uploaded yet another important trial test for students. Teachers can also make good use of this. This is our BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 2).

BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 2)



From the alternative lettered A to D Choose the one which most suitably completes the sentence.
1. He is _______ poor and cannot pay bills.
A. So
B. too
C. very
D. rather
2. You will be late_______ you hurry.
A. if
B. or
C. Unless
D. while
3. Aminu has been absent from class ________one month.
A. in
B. for
C. from
D. since
4. Many people have been invited, but ________will be employed
A. Few
B. a few
C. Little
D. a little
5. The teacher told the girl he had received _______of the two exercises.
A. all
B. any
C. none
D. neither




6. My father has bought a ________car
A. private brand new
B. new brand private
C. private new brand
D. brand new private
7. Mama is _______ready fro anything
A. So
B. Ever
C. Even
D. rather
8. Akua was _______that she won four prizes
A. a girl so brilliant
B. a so brilliant girl
C. so brilliant a girl
D. a brilliant so girl
9. Before he entered the classroom, we _______ the chalkboard
A. Cleaned
B. have cleaned
C. had cleaned
D. are cleaning
10. I have forgotten all _______my friend told me
A. this
B. that
C. what
D. which



11. The supervisor will ask the ________to come and repair the pipe in the bath room
A. mason
B. repairer
C. plumber
D. lumber
12. The stone fell into the river with a loud _______
A. bang
B. crash
C. noise
D. splash
13. Kofi got ________mark for English
A. good
B. better
C. best
D. the best
14. We won the school debate, _______we?
A. hadn’t
B. didn’t
C. couldn’t
D. did
15. Kwame looks very handsome, _______?
A. isn’t he
B. isn’t it
C. doesn’t he



D. does he
16. Nana Yaa was suffering _______measles.
A. by
B. with
C. from
D. through
17. The suspect was charged ________ pick pocketing.
A. Of
B. For
C. On
D. with
Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence.
18. The accountant corrected all the mistakes made by the Chief Executive Officer.
A. refused
B. erased
C. nullified
D. rectified
19. Elorm’s decision was superb
A. right
B. good
C. excellent
D. wonderful
20. The student complained that the rules were too rigid
A. Strong
B. hard
C. strict
D. bad


21. The new headmaster met the staff and made his maiden speech.
A. first
B. fresh
C. official
D. original
From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word in each sentences.
23 . The man was disgraced in public.
A. respected
B. honoured
C. welcomed
D. accepted
22. Bernice accepted the offer.
A. dislike
B. declined
C. withdraw
D. ignored
23. Food is abundant in the rural areas.
A. scares
B. less
C. few
D. cheap
24. Doctors have withdrawn their services.
A. Hidden
B. registered
C. offered
D. displayed.
25. By our constitution, it is obligatory to vote.
A. good
B. necessary
C. optional
D. right


26. passing reference or indirect mention is known as _______
A. allusion
B. hyperbole
C. simile
D. dirge
27. The use of as and like in a piece of writing is known as ________
A. dirge
B. hyperbole
C. Simile
D. pun
”if you doubt me ask the rainbow ”
28. What literary device is used in the ex tract above?
A. Simile
B. Personification
C. Apostrophe
D. dirge

SECTION BE OF THE: BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 2)


1. Write a letter to your friend in another school telling him / her about the current situation in your school.
2. Write an article for publication in one of the national newspapers on the topic;
“The Usefulness Of Mobile Phones”
3. Write a story that ends with the expression; “So It Pays to Be Kind to Strangers”
4. As a School Prefect of your school, write a letter to your District Chief Executive (D.C.E) requesting the maintenance of the building in your school .


Read The Following Passage Carefully And Answer The Questions That Follow.

The first time John heard the word “stigmatization” was during a Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.) meeting held at Rightway International School. The headteacher being the main speaker spoke on the theme: “The effects of stigmatization”
During that special day, members of the society including parents and major stakeholders came in their large numbers because of how COVID-19 has affected members of the community. The speaker encouraged the relatives and the community members to accept those who recovered from COVID-19 as full members of society because they were safe to live with them. He added that accepting them would help him recover more quickly.
After the meeting, members of the society were so happy they saw their relatives once again and promise not to stigmatize them but rather take very good care of them to recover more quickly. John was moved and decided to support them. He discussed his intention with his colleagues. Later, some of his colleagues started calling him names. There was even rumour in the community that his real parents died of COVID-19. Cheerfully, John turned a deaf ear to this rumour.
Agakpe was one of the boys who always made fun of John’s effort to help those who recovered from COVID-19. One day, unfortunately for Agakpe , he was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus which made him spend over four months in the hospital. It was John who supported his family to pay all his medical bills. When he finally recovered, he apologized to John and promise to help him fight against stigmatization.


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Answer all the following questions

a. Who was the speaker at the P.T.A. meeting?
b. What advice did the speaker give?
c. Who promised to help John fight against stigmatization and why?
d. Explain in your own words the following expressions as used in the passage;
i. turned a deaf ear
ii. made fun of
e. For each of the following words, give another word or phrase that means the same and can fit into the passage.
i. special
ii. large
iii. Decided
iv. Intention
v. cheerfully


We hope this BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 2) would help learners and teachers.

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