BECE Composition Question: Friendly Letter With A Guide & Answer

30 BECE RME questions all JHS3 students must be able to solve without sweating BECE Composition Question: Friendly Letter with a guide & answer

BECE Composition Question 1: (Friendly Letter) with a guide and sample answer

This article aims at sharing with students a sample answer for an essay or English Composition question. Friendly letters are basically letters written to friends and age mates. The conversation in the letter is expected to be informal. Learners are required to communicate with their recipients in a more friendly and informal way.

The letter should have:

a. Writer’s Address: Master one way to write the address of a letter writing and keep using it. e.g. Master the slanted or block form of addressing and keep to it.

b. Date: We recommend you do not write dates like 10/7/2022 instead write simple dates such as May 4th, 2023 etc.

c. Salutation

d. Introductory paragraphs, in which the common practice is that the recipient is greeted. This is followed by expressing or disclosing the reasons for writing the letter. This should be in not more than three lines

e. In the main body, the writer is required to explain the reasons or the theme of the letter.

f. Closing paragraphs should express some level of expectation and required action from the recipient from the writer.

g. Finally, the subscription should end the letter.

i. Candidates are advised to always read through their essays for errors and correct them.

j. Keep paragraphs shorter. Do not write long and winding paragraphs.

k. Brainstorm and plan your essay before you start writing. When you brainstorm, always jot down the key issues you want to discuss in the essay before you build them up in the final answer.

l. Always know the kind of essay you are writing. This will help you do the right things throughout the writing of the composition.

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BECE Composition Question:

Write a letter to your friend in another school and explain three things you are doing to pass your BECE examination.


Suggested Solution

Exam Hall Basic School,

Box Lg, 6, Legon.

9th March 2023


Dear Akos,

It is heart-warming to once again communicate with you through this medium. I am sure you are doing well. My health has been good in recent times, and I am in good spirits as well.

In your letter, which you sent through Uncle Fiifi during the Christmas holidays, you asked that I explain what I am doing to pass my BECE.

It has become necessary to write to you again and to explain three things I am doing to help me ace my BECE in 2023.

As you are aware, the BECE is expected to be written in September 2023 hence, I have drawn my personal study timetable.

This timetable is helping me to use my time effectively to learn early in the morning and after school in the evening. So far, it has helped me to study some of the topics in JHS2 as part of my revision.

Again, I have formed a study group with five of my serious and dedicated classmates. Each member is good in at least one core subject.

This is helping me because; members explain clearly the sections of the various subjects we do not understand. We also help each other with our assignments.

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Finally, I have become disciplined and punctual at school as part of my efforts toward passing the BECE.

I make sure I am always in school and on time. This way, I do not miss any lessons. I have become much more disciplined and that is beginning to show in my performance at school.

I have no doubt that, if I continue with these three things I am doing now, I will be able to do well in the BECE and get placed in my first-choice school in the future.

Furthermore, I look forward to you also sharing with me what you are doing differently so that I can apply them as well. Greetings to everyone, and take very good care of yourself.


Yours ever,



Now that we have shared this question and the suggested composition (answer). Answer the following question and show the essay to your English teacher for marking and grading.

BECE Composition Question:

Write a letter to your sister who is in Senior High School and explain to her three reasons why you want to visit her in school.

Good luck.

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