20 BECE Composition Questions for JHS Students and BECE Candidates

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These 20 Composition Questions for Junior High School Students and BECE candidates are well crafted to challenge students to practice. Writing essays that score great marks demands more practice and exercise.

The questions provided here should also help English Language teachers. These questions can be used as end-of-term examination questions, class assignments, home works among others.


20 Composition Questions for Junior High School Students and BECE candidates

  1. Write letter to the Minister of Transport suggesting two ways of improving the public transport road system in the country.
  2. As the main speaker in debate on the motionStudents should not wear uniforms to schoolwrite your speech for or against the motion.
  3. Write letter to invite your cousin to spend the holidays with your grandparentsgiving two reasons why he/she should pay them visit.
  4. Write a letter to your uncle explaining the dangers of her refusing to pay your fees
  5. Students in Ghana have become indisciplined; write an article to be published in a national newspaper explaining the causes of indiscipline among students.
  6. You are the main speaker at a debate on the theme “Girls must not learn Science” write for or against the motion.
  7. Narrate a story that starts with “Hey!, I heard someone scream, I turned and …”
  8. Narrate an incredible story you have read recently.
  9. Your father is unhappy that you have decided to study an SHS programme he does like. Write a letter to your uncle giving him three reasons for the choice and seeking his help to convince your father.
  10. Your pen-friend in the UK has asked you to suggest three places he can visit upon arrival in Ghana.
  11. Your class is planning to visit a famous tourist destination, write a letter to your head teacher giving three reasons why your class must visit the tourist site.
  12. Write a letter to your District Director of Education and explain three things teachers are doing which can lead to student failure.
  13. You are the incoming school prefect; write a speech you will read at the handing-over ceremony. Outline three things you will do and why.
  14. Write a letter to your Member of Parliament and outline three things your community needs and why.
  15. Write a letter to the editor explaining why students avoid boy-girl relationships.
  16. Write an article for publication in a newspaper on how flooding can be dealt with in your community.
  17. Your teacher has decided to give your class prefect to another student, write a letter giving him three reasons why he should reinstate you.
  18. You have decided to undergo one month’s apprenticeship during the Easter break, write a letter for an apprenticeship.
  19. Describe how your favourate sport is played.
  20. Write a letter to your brother in the boarding school and explain three important events that have happened at home since he left.

We hope that students and teachers will make good use of these 20 Composition Questions for Junior High School Students and BECE candidates.

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