WASSCE 2023: Master These English Language Objective Questions

2023 BECE Social Studies Revision Questions for Candidates WASSCE 2023 English Language Questions

Master these well analyzed English Language objective questions for the upcoming 2023 WASSCE. The 2023 WASSCE will begin on the 31st of July to the 26th of September 2023.

Answer all the questions below and make sure to connect with your teachers to seek clarification on questions you do not understand. Answers to the questions below are provided as well.


Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words

1.  One of the rooms …. rented out

a. has been b. have been c. were d. have been

2. The children in the company of the father …. there last week

a. are b. were c. was d. is

3. Everyone in the group … her

a. admire b. admires c. have admired d. like

4. Though both Sam and Tom are eligible, neither …. interested.

a. was b. are c. were d. is

5. Neither Peter nor Paul …. willing to wash the car

a. is b. are c. were d. be

From the words or group of words lettered A to D choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the  following sentences.

6. The letter contained ……….

a. a bad news b. some bad news c. most bad news d. a news

7. The table is made of …….

a. the wood b. wood c. a wood d. pieces of wood

8. The bottle contains ……. oil

a. an b. any c. a d. much of

9. The chair is a beautiful …….. furniture

a. some of b. much of c. piece of d. pieces of

10. The agenda …….. being circulated for the next meeting

a. is b. are c. has d. have

From the words lettered A to E, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences

11. Kweku ……. writing his essay before he went out to play

a. had to finished b. Has had to finish c. had been finishing d. had finished

12. It is high time we ……. going home

a. get b. have get c. got d. will get

13. The little girl …… crossed the river without help

a. might not b. couldn’t have c. would not d. shall not have

14. I ought ……… a present to my sister by now

a. to send b. to have been sent c. to be sending d. shall not have

15. Next year when he retires, he ……… ten years in the service

a. will spend b. will have spent c. will be spending d. had spent


1. A           6. B        11. D

2. B           7. B        12. C

3. B           8. D       13. B

4. D           9. C       14. C

5. A           10. A      15. B

Make sure to master these tough 15 well-analyzed questions and I can assure you that English Language will be an easy road for you.

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