WAEC English Language Syllabus 2023/2024 (Read & Download PDF)

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Searching for the 2023/2024 WAEC English Language syllabus? Stay with me as I provide you the link to download the 2023/2024 WAEC English Language syllabus in PDF format.

Everything that will be covered in the test or class is outlined in the Waec English Language Syllabus. Look for a different textbook to read and practice from as a student as you go through the topics. You can also use the online Waec English Language past question and answer database to gauge your readiness or skill.

How to use WAEC English Language Syllabus 2023/2024

  • Download the PDF version of the syllabus
  • Look for different English Language textbook
  • Search for the topic in the textbook. Read, meditate and assimilate on what you’ve read
  • Also, Look for WAEC English Language Series (Past Question) and treat it to know how well you’ve prepared.

WAEC English Language Syllabus

PREAMBLEMENT: The purpose of this test is to evaluate the various fundamental abilities necessary for speaking and writing in English.

The test will gauge each candidate’s capacity for reception and output. The following skills will be displayed: reading comprehension, summary, vocabulary, lexis and structure, listening comprehension, and identification of various linguistic features of spoken English.

AIM AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the syllabus is to assess the degree to which the objectives of the teaching curricula of the member countries have been met during the secondary school careers of candidates. The goal of the test is to gauge candidates’ capacity for;

  • Speak and write proper English;
  • Describe incidents in English that are suitable for the audiences and circumstances listed;
  • Logically, spatially, and chronologically coherent paragraphs for your material;
  • Precise control of sentence structures;
  • Demonstrate variety in your use of sentence structures;
  • Follow proper grammar usage;
  • Correct your spelling and punctuation
  • Understanding spoken and written English;
  • Recognize underlying attitudes, tones, and meanings;
  • Use a comprehensible pronunciation that is acceptable to others;
  • Recognize the letters that represent English sounds and their physical characteristics.
  • Select and summarize the key points from the prescribed passages.

2023/2024 WAEC English Language Syllabus – DOWNLOAD HERE

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