MoE Sends Strong Cautions to 2023 WASSCE Candidates

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Ahead of the 2033 WASSCE for school candidates, which starts on July 31, the MoE has delivered strong cautions to 2023 WASSCE candidates.

The Education Minister, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum has called on all SHS3 candidates preparing for the WASSCE to run away from every attempt and temptation to cheat in the examination.

The minister called on students to write an incident-free WASSCE while on an official visit to the Ashanti Region. He said any attempt by candidates to get involved in malpractice or cheating would compel WAEC to cancel their results. Further, examination malpractice of any kind can also lead to the truncation of their education, which will ruin their future.

While speaking to final-year WASSCE candidates, the Minister urged them to instead prepare very well for the examination.

“Examination malpractices have caused great havoc to many people who have regretted in life, but they cannot change the hands of time”. He advised the candidates.

He added that the introduction of the Free SHS policy has been a blessing to the candidates, and they must therefore not take any action that will mess up the government’s investment in them. The Minister was of the view that the candidates will come out with flying colours if they commit to serious study and preparation.

“You are the future leaders who will hold responsible positions, and that is why your parents and the government have invested much in your education. I am therefore begging you to do your best and pass the examination well, but we will be disappointed if you fail us,” Adutwum told the candidates.

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In a related development, several WAEC WASSCE and BECE leaking syndicates have initiated their usual trading in leaked papers. The groups which have moved onto Telegram and WhatsApp are operating successfully on the blind side of WAEC, which seems to be far asleep and not aware of what is going on. There are currently no trustworthy and reliable phone numbers (WhatsApp) for Ghanaians to report such illegalities to.

Whether the Strong Cautions to 2023 WASSCE Candidates from the MoE will be adhered to, only time will tell.

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