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2023 WASSCE English Language: How to Write A Good Essay

2023 WASSCE English Language

Writing a good essay requires much reading from the writer. Here are tips on how to write a good essay in the 2023 WASSCE English Language. The 2023 WASSCE English Language will be a hard nut to crack for some candidates.

You must take the following actions in order to write a strong exam essay:

  • Start with an interesting introduction.
  • Be consistent with your stance on the issue you are writing about.
  • Be reasonable
  • Each point you make must be relevant to the topic under discussion.
  • Illustrate and develop your points fully.
  • Respect the rules of good paragraphing.
  • Show that you have sufficient knowledge of your subject matter.
  • Your English must be standard enough.
  • Write good grammar.
  • Bring the essay to a close with a great concluding paragraph.

1. Let your introduction be very solid

Start your English essay with a thesis statement that is both clear and engaging.

The purpose of a thesis statement, which is typically one sentence long, is to explain what you plan to discuss in your essay.

2. Stay consistent

An excellent essay keeps its attention on one main problem, viewpoint, or argument. You must maintain your position throughout the entire process. Avoid wandering aimlessly from one side to the other.

3. Let your thoughts flow well

You need to develop the ability to write an essay that flows naturally from one idea to the next. Put your ideas in a logical sequence.

Additionally, connect each succeeding point to the one before it using linking words and expressions.

4. Build on strong points only

Do not simply state your points and move on. Each point should be fully developed with justifications, examples, and supplementary ideas.

5. Know how to paragraph

Again, you must adhere to the norms of effective paragraphing if you want to write a strong essay for an exam.

Establish a distinct division between the various conceptual units. In other words, give each major idea a paragraph of its own. This ought to be adequate for an English essay at the secondary school level.

Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. A concise statement of the main concept under discussion is meant by this.


Then, as many supporting ideas as you can, follow your topic sentence.

An effective paragraph usually concludes with a clinching statement. A paragraph shouldn’t contain more than one main idea.

6. Do not deviate from the subject matter

You should also demonstrate a thorough understanding of your subject matter if you want to write a strong English essay for an exam.

The examiner will get the impression that you are fully aware of the subject at hand if you use names, figures, examples, and citations to support your points.

7. A well conclusion

Finally, put a proper cap on the essay. This means that you must create a strong conclusion paragraph.

A summary of all the important points should be made in this final paragraph, so keep that in mind.

You must take into account the aforementioned qualities of a good essay in order to receive an excellent grade on any exam essay. Remember that a strong showing in the essay portion will help you earn an A in English.

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