Ghana’s best Online Education Store for Mocks, Lesson Plans & Exam Papers

Go to Ghana's best Education Store for Mocks, Lesson Plans and End of Term Exam Papers for all your digital products in Ghana

One of the difficulties educators and teachers face in Ghana is finding a place to get useful and time-saving educational resources and materials such as BECE Mocks, Lesson Plans, and End of Term Exam Papers.

Ghana’s best Online Education Store for Mocks, Lesson Plans, and End of Term Exam Papers is the Education-Store

The Education Store is a place where teachers, schools, students, and parents can buy digital educational materials for use.

BECE Mocks papers

BECE Mocks papers with excellent marking schemes can be got from this place. With these mock papers, teachers, schools and even parents can assess their learners from anywhere. The mock papers are sourced from top examining institutions.

Teaching Lesson Plans

Teachers can also get Lesson Plans on the platform. This means teachers do not have to spend time preparing lesson plans. Once a teacher has the lesson plans he or she can review them and add their own updates or examples to the plan or go ahead and use them as they have been provided for teaching and learning.

End-of-term examination papers

End-of-term examination papers can also be sourced from the Education Store for learners in any class at the basic level.

Other services provided

There are also books and notes on various lessons eg. Social Studies which can be got from the Education Store

How to find educational resources on Ghana’s Best Online Education Store for Digital Products

  1. Go to education_store
  2. Type the name of the digital product you need for teaching learning.
  3. From the search result, click on the product you want and check out the brief information on it. If it meets your needs, proceed to buy it or keep searching.
  4. Pay for the product and automatically download

Another way to get the resource you need is you scroll through the digital products in the store until you find what you want then proceed to acquire it.

Teachers, students, schools, parents, and other stakeholders can tap into the valuable digital resources in this store.

Just in case you did not find the resource you need, do well to leave a comment on that, and we shall check that out for you.


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