First Term Vacation Date For Basic Schools Out: Are Public Schools Writing Term 1 Exam?

First Term Vacation Date For Basic Schools Out: Are Public Schools Writing Term 1 Exam? The GES is yet to make an official statement

The First Term Vacation Date For Basic Schools Is Out, However, The Big Question Is Are Public Schools Writing the Term 1 Exam?

The Ghana Education Service as part of its responsibilities provided public and private schools with the academic calendars for each year. The academic year calendar comes with the reopening and vacation dates for Basic schools and Secondary schools.

Per the official academic calendar for the 2023 academic year, the GES has indicated that the official vacation date for term 1 is 24th March 2023.

Teachers and learners of basic schools will spend a total of 11 days at home as their vacation for Term 1.

All learners and facilitators will end their vacation on 2nd April 2023.

Schools will be conducting end-of-term examinations two weeks before the vacation date.

This will be followed by marking, grading, and the preparation of continuous assessments and report cards for all learners.

The GES has been directing public basic schools not to write examinations. At the same time, they direct public basic schools, teachers, and head teachers not to charge examination fees for the conduct of end-of-term examinations.

The GES has remained silent as usual and is yet to make any public announcement on whether there will be an End of 1st Term Exam for public basic schools.

At the time of this publication, the GES has not released any official information on whether public basic schools are to conduct end-of-term examinations for their learners. End-of-term examinations have a critical role to play in assessing learners for the term’s lessons.

However, the GES over the years has decided that learners and parents must not be charged for examination purposes.

It has further indicated that teachers should use other means of accessing learners such as class exercises, class tests, project work, homework, and role-play assessments instead of end-of-term examinations.

Funding for end-of-term examinations from the government has eluded schools for many years now and when they are made available, they are often not enough to take care of the examination cost.

The GES is expected to update public schools on the subject in the coming days and on time. However, it is possible that proactive public basic schools are working towards the end-of-term examinations already.

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The second term of the 2023 academic year will begin on 3rd April 2023.

The second term will last 12 weeks when it’s starting on 3rd April 2023.

Schools will be open for academic work from 3rd April till 26th June after which basic schools will break for term 3.

We are waiting to know if Public Schools are writing the Term 1 Exam.

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  1. Please find out for me when those with their BECE withheld be released to them or all those students will not enter senior secondary schools now that their colleagues have spent two weeks already

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