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New Curriculum 2024 BECE Mocks: How and where to buy

New Curriculum 2024 BECE Mocks: How and where to buy WASSCE English Language Mock 1 (Free Online Mock) BECE Home Mock puts your wards a step ahead (Register Now). Check Out all the information about this mock and enrol your ward

We are excited to share with stakeholders the new curriculum based 2024 BECE mocks and how and where they can buy them. These 2024 BECE mocks are based on the new curriculum.

Our publications about our 2024 BECE mocks have received a lot of attention and praise from schools, parents, and teachers. However, we have noticed that some are unable to buy the exact mock questions they are looking for.

New Curriculum 2024 BECE Mocks: How and where to buy

#1. Go to our online sales shop or portal at https://paystack.shop/2024-bece-mocks-store.

#2. Once you get to the portal, you can scroll through the products and buy the ones you want or search with keywords.

For example, you can type words such as English, Science, French, Computing, RME, etc. to filter only such single subjects.

However, if you want the entire set of mocks, the best option will be to scroll through to find and buy the 8-subject or full-subject mock packages.

New curriculum 2024 BECE Home Mock

#3. Click the link attached to the product and proceed.

#4. Click on Bag to proceed.

#5. Enter your payment details and pay with Momo or a Visa card.


#6. Once the payment is through, you will be taken to the download page, where you can download the files you purchased.

The same download link will be sent to your email. However, this link will be valid for just 7 days. Do well to download the files and save them securely.


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Where the product you bought is in a zip file, download and install Winrar. Winrar is free software for desktops and laptops that helps you extract PDF or MS Word files.

Most of the questions and answers (New Curriculum 2024 BECE Mocks) you buy are downloadable from the portal without any other software, as explained above.

Parents, schools, teachers, and all stakeholders can buy these mocks to help them prepare their students for the 2024 BECE.

Our mocks have proven to be useful to schools, parents, teachers, and candidates in the last 3 years, and we continue to give buyers value for money. Parents can also enrol their wards for our special independent monthly assessment of BECE candidates through our BECE Home Mock examination.

It is time to buy the New Curriculum 2024 BECE Mocks and take your BECE preparation to the next level.

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