March 2023 BECE Home Mock: How to enrol your ward

2023 BECE Social Studies Topic Predictions, Questions With Correct and Wrong Answers BECE English Language Mock 1 March 2023 BECE Home Mock: How to enrol your ward

Read this post to the end to know about the March 2023 BECE Home Mock as well as how to enrol your ward and get the best preparation for them.

The BECE Home Mock is a private mock examination organized by Education-News Consult for students preparing for the BECE. The mock is such that only parents or guardians can enrol a student. Students cannot enrol themselves in the mock.

The mock offers all parents the opportunity to get their wards assessed by private independent examiners. It is an important mock because it helps parents to prepare their wards for the upcoming examination. It also offers a rare opportunity for parents to compare the results their ward’s school is generating to the one the student obtains in the Home Mock.

Since the results of the examination comes with an examiner’s report, parents and students are able to know about the shortfalls f the learner and start dealing with them early.

Is the BECE Home Mock, an online examination?

No, the exam is not an online examination. Candidates take the exam at home just like they will take it in school. The organizers require that such students are invigilated at home while they write the exam.

The examination does not disrupt the student’s normal school work because it starts in the evening on Friday and ends on Sunday evening per the examination timetable.

The answers the student provides are sent to the examining body as PDF documents. The Education-News Consult provides an app and procedures to follow in doing that.

The candidate’s final result and the examiner’s reports are hosted on the Result Portal. The results can be checked for free, and the student’s index number is his or her parent’s mobile phone number.

To find out more about the examination, we recommend that you go to 

How to check your BECE Home Mock Results

2023 BECE Home Mock

  1. Go to and look for the Result Portal on the menu and click on it.
  2. On the result page, click to select the Month you took the exam,
  3. Next, select the year the exam was taken
  4. Next, enter the parent’s mobile phone number
  5. Finally, hit the SEARCH button and wait for the result and the examiner’s report to load.

For example, check a result for a student by the name Kofi BECE. His index number is 0270150259, and he took the February 2023 BECE Home Mock.

Click Result Portal to have access to the result portal and check now.

The examiners also send to parents the marking schemes of the examination. This is expected to be used by the student in preparing, revising, and improving their understanding of the questions, and how they are expected to be answered among others.

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