Download 2023 BECE Social Studies Mock Questions & Marking Scheme for February Download 2023 BECE Social Studies Mock Questions & Marking Schemes for February

You can now download the Download 2023 BECE Social Studies Mock Questions & Marking Schemes for February from

The Preparation for the 2023 BECE has started and as part of our contribution to the success of BECE candidates who are currently in JHS3, we are making available 2023 BECE Mock Questions & Marking Schemes (Core Subjects Only).

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The subject that has been uploaded here is Social Studies. Before you download the full set of questions and the marking scheme, check out some of the questions


FEBRUARY 2023                         SOCIAL STUDIES                       1 Hr 45 MIN

Do not open this booklet until you are told to do so. While you are waiting, read and observe the following instructions carefully. Write your name and index number in ink in the spaces provided above.

This booklet consists of two papers; I and II. Answer Paper 2 which comes first in your answer booklet and Paper 1 on your Objective Test answer sheet. Paper 2 will last for 1 hour after which the answer booklet will be collected. Do not start the Paper until you are told to do so. Paper 1 will last 45 minutes.


2023 BECE Social Studies Mock

                   ESSAY                                PAPER 2                                        1 hour

This paper consists of three sections: I, II and III. Answer three questions only, choosing one question from

Each section. All questions carry equal marks. Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material.


Answer One question only from this section.

  1. [a] Explain the term environment

[b] List six (6) constituents/components of the environment.

[c] State five (5) components of the physical environment

[d] State four (4) causes of air pollution or air degradation.


  1. (a) What is a scale of a map?

(i)      Describe the three ways of indicating the scale of a map

(ii)      Distinguish between a sketch and a map.

(b)        Using a scale of 1 cm to 20 km, draw a plot 200 km long and 120 wide.

(c)        With diagram list the four main cardinal points that are used in showing direction.

(d)         Give any four factors to consider when giving direction.    [20 marks]


Objective Test Questions (SOCIAL STUDIES MOCK)

1. The social environment includes
A. festivals, political parties, and religious groups
B. festivals, churches and tourist sites
C. settlements, churches and rivers
D. settlements, festivals, and political parties

2. The large percentage of the youth in Ghana’s population implies that Ghana has
A. a free market economy
B. a lot of future labour force
C. adequate supply of consumer goods
D. equitable distribution of wealth

3. In a traditional society, which of the following is used to teach good morals?
A. Court music
B. Story telling
C. Dirges
D. Appellations

4. Trokosi and female genital mutilation are cultural practices that must be abolished because
A. some people become rich through their performance
B. the police dislike them
C. they are against the rights of the victim
D. they are practised all over the country

5. A major way of spreading HIV and AIDS is through
A. eating in public places
B. indiscriminate sexual relations
C. mosquito bites
D. shaking hands with infected persons
6. The environment can best be described as
A. man and his surroundings
B. animals and non-living things
C. vegetation and non-living things
D. man and the vegetation around him

7. Adolescent chastity is important because it prevents
A. contraction of HIV and AIDS
B. frequent malaria among the youth
C. peer pressure among the youth
D. the occurrence of a broken home

8. The outermost part of the earth is called the
A. Atmosphere
B. core
C. mantle
D. crust

9. One of the measures the government of Ghana can use to reduce poverty is
A. paying higher interest on savings
B. obtaining World Bank loan
C. giving away public funds
D. equipping the unemployed with skills
10. The people of British Togoland joined Ghana through
A. Conquest
B. declaration
C. permission
D. voting


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