Full BECE Mock Questions (R.M.E) for Students and Schools

2023 Social Studies Mock Questions and Answers Solve These Tough 2023 BECE Projected RME Questions To Test Your Readiness For The August 2023 Examination. BECE Social Studies Likely Questions with Excellent Answers - Set 2 2023 BECE Integrated Science Questions and Answers have been uploaded here for download. Check the full details. Full BECE Mock Questions (R.M.E) for Students and Schools. Go through the questions and answer all of them as you revise March 2023 BECE Home Mock Starts Today: Help Your Ward

Full BECE Mock Questions (R.M.E) for Students and Schools

Answer three questions from this section, choosing one from each part.
Answers provided must be clearly written, communicated knowledge and self-explanatory. Support with examples


R. a. Give an account of the story of the sower.
b. State four moral lessons from the story above.

S. a. State four ways of showing courtesy.
b. Explain four reasons one should show courtesy.


T. a. Enumerate five emotional changes during puberty.
b. Explain any three causes of the emotional changes above.

U. a. In any four ways, discuss the consequences of immorality.
b. State four health problems associated with immorality.


V. a. Outline five effects of bribery and corruption.
b. Write five ways to minimize bribery and corruption.

W. a. Explain how money is used as a channel of exchange.
b. In two ways, how is high cost of printing a problem with poor handling of
money ?
c. List two mediums in giving public education on poor handling of money.



Full BECE Mock Questions (R.M.E) for Students and Schools


Answer all questions in this section by choosing the correct answer from the options lettered A-D

1. Going round the Ka ‘ ba is an Islamic religious activity done during…..
A. Ramadan
B. Hajj
C. Eid-ul-fitr
D. Eid-ul-Adha

2. One important rule regarding sacrifice is that, the ……
A. Animal should be a reptile
B. Animal should be from defects
C. Animal should not be fully owned by the person
D. Animal should be young

3. One of the miracles of Jesus is that ..
A. He baptized 5,000 people
B. He cured lepers
C. He healed blind Bartholomew
D. He walked on fire

4. Which of the following personalities was sold by his brothers to the Israelites ?
A. Essay
B. Isaac
C. Joseph
D. Jacob

5. Idleness is used for …… ventures
A. Unproductive
B. Simple
C. Real
D. Lucrative

6. The festival which tests the strength and bravery of two rival groups is ….
A. Kundum
B. Damba
C. Adae kese
D. Aboakyir

7. Loss of purity is a result of …..
A. Bribery
B. Corruption
C. Hardwork
D. Influence

8. Which of the festivals teaches Muslims to sacrifice to the course of Allah and humanity ?
A. Bilabi-Nabi
B. Eid-ul-fitr
C. Eid-ul-Adha
D. The Rid

9. The seventh commandment states that …….
A. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
B. You shall not steal
C. You shall not murder
D. You shall not cheat

10. Complete the statement ” Blessed are the meek ………
A. For they shall inherit the earth
B. For they shall be comforted
C. For they shall see God
D. For they shall obtain mercy

11. Which of the following personalities was not a caliph ?
A. Said Ali Bin Abu Talib
B. Uthman Bin Affan
C. Umar Bin Khattab
D. Abu Bakr Siddiq
12. Who gave up himself to be sacrificed for his people during a serious epidemic ?
A. Tweneboa Kodua
B. Togbe Tsali
C. Okomfo Anokye
D. Egya Ahor

13. Giving out of tips is a form of ……
A. Motivation
B. Gift
C. Earning
D. Bribery

14. Ablution is a prelude to …….
A. Wudu
B. Tayammum
C. Salat
D. Recitation

15. The Qu’ran describes angles as creatures who …….
A. Lead the teachings of Allah
B. Act on the order of Allah
C. Anoint prophets of Allah
D. Appoint Messengers for Allah

16. Which of the prophets name means, ” God is my salvation ” ?
A. Daniel
B. Isaiah
C. Elisha
D. Elijah

17. The customs of Prophet Mohammed which form part of the Qu’ran are the …….
A. Sunnah and Injil
B. Ru’ ya and Hadith
C. Injil and Zabur
D. Hadith and Sunnah

18. A traditional practice whereby a person is proved innocent through painful test is ….
A. Trial by ordeal
B. Summons
C. Breaking of taboo
D. Banishment

19. The moral teachings of Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount exclude ……
A. Divorce
B. Idol worship
C. Murder
D. Salt and the light

20. The Dagombas call naming ceremony …….
A. Dzinto
B. Kpodziemo
C. Saanpaga
D. Sunnah

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Full BECE Mock Questions (R.M.E) for Students and Schools

21. The third day of Dipo rite is known as the …..
A. Day of truth
B. Holy day
C. Opportunity day
D. Sacred day

22. The change to adulthood for a Sisala boy is known as …..
A. Sakyi
B. Saando
C. Baala
D. Adwera

23. A special prayer for a dead Muslim is called …..
A. Zuhr
B. Isha
C. Janaza
D. Fajr
24. Sexually Transmitted Disease include diseases like ……
A. Chlamydia
B. Diabetes
C. Hepatitis B
D. Syphilis

25. Which of the following religious personalities do not practice celibacy ?
A. Catechists
B. Monks
C. Nuns
D. Pope’s

26. Pharaoh’s daughter found baby Moses in a basket on the ……
A. River Euphrates
B. River Jordan
C. River Nile
D. River Tigris

27. In Ghana, the official ………. is the cedi.
A. Paper money
B. Note
C. Money
D. Currency

28. Spending monies without accounting for is termed as ……
A. Corruption
B. Embezzlement of funds
C. Over invoicing
D. Over spending

29. Those who teach people the ways and will of God are called ……
A. Religious men
B. Patriarchs
C. Prophets
D. Caliphs
30. The festival which begins with a competitive hunt between two Asafo groups is known as ……
A. Kundum festival
B. Aboakyir festival
C. Akwanbo festival
D. Adae festival


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31. The moral importance of most Akan naming ceremonies is …….
A. Bravery
B. Obedience
C. Truthfulness
D. Tactfulness

32. Privileges can be earned by showing that one is …….
A. Decent
B. Hospitable
C. Intelligent
D. Trustworthy

33. The Hogbetsotso festival is celebrated to mark the ……
A. Death of King Agorkorli
B. End of famine in Anlo community
C. End of farming season
D. Migration of the Anlos

34. Which of the following family system is considered the basic unit of a society ?
A. Patrilineal system
B. Nuclear family system
C. Large family system
D. Extended family system

35. The Great provider in Islam is called ..
A. Al-Alim B. Al-Raham
C. Al-Razak D. Al-Rahama

36. The following books are revealed books in Islam except …..
A. Hadith
B. Injil
C. Torah
D. Zabur

37. This quality of God is not shown in the creation story.
A. Ever forgiving
B. Ever present
C. All powerful
D. All knowing

38. Which of the books can be found in a traditional home ?
A. The Bible
B. The of book of death
C. The Qu’ ran
D. The Torah

39. The declaration of faith in Islam is termed as ….
A. Saum
B. Shahadah
C. Salah
D. Salat

40. Which of the religions is considered to be the oldest in Africa?
A. Christian religion
B. Islamic religion
C. Judaism
D. Traditional religion

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