BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (BECE Trial Test 1)

BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (BECE Trial Test 1) Integrated Science Trial Test for JH3 students (BECE Trial Test 1)

This publication contains a BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students.

This can be useful to teachers, students, and candidates preparing for the BECE or their end-of-term examination.

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English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (BECE Trial Test 1)

From the alternatives letter A to D, choose the option that best completes each sentence

1. Richie said we …… go there A. has B. have C. would D. in accordance with
2. …… being a teacher, he spent some time writing stories for children. A. instead of B. apart from C. due to D. in lieu of
3. She wasted all the chances ……. Laziness. A. on behalf of B. by means of C. due to D. in accordance with
4. They got married a year later …….the customs of the land. A. in accordance with B. due to C. in lieu of D. out of
5. You cannot deprive me ……… my due share. A. of B. for C. with D. on
6. I don’t like the idea ……..married. A. to get B. of getting C. for getting D. as getting
7. Neither Mansah nor her children….. here A. was B. were C. has D. is
8. Gari and beans……… a nice food A. is B. are C. were D. have
9. He has no confidence ……… his abilities A. of B. with C. to D. in
10. Affrakoma shouted …… us to come in A. at B. to C. with D. into
11. Elizabeth was…..surprised that he could not talk. A. enough B. so C. what D. which
12. The two rivals are fond of insulting …. A. each other B. one another C. one and the other D. themselves
13. Neither Akomea….. Edna is clean in this A. but B. or C. nor D. and
14. John hit …… as he tried to kill the mosquito A. himself B. his C. himselves D. itself
15. We could not buy many things …… most shops were closed A. while B. because C. but D. and
Choose from the alternatives A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence.
16. One essential item for making local soap is soda ash. A. correct B. main C. real D. important
17. Pupils are to read the instructions carefully A. notices B. demands C. commands D. directives
18. Hanny saw her image in the water A. nature B. condition C. reflection D. attraction
19. We shall have final rehearsal for the play tonight A. meeting B. practice C. trial D. preparation
20. My mother is skilled in domestic affairs A. local B. internal C. everyday D. household
In each of the following sentences, a group of words has been underlined. Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined group or words
21. Grace was taken aback on seeing a stranger in her room. This mean Grace was very A. angry B. afraid C. confused D. surprised
22. The priest was in high spirit during the sermon. This means that he was A. content B. confused C. cheerful D. spiritual
23. The opponents decided to bury the hatchet. This means that they decided to…. A. make peace B. bury their guns C. hold discussion D. suspend the fighting
24. Benjamin has been jobless for a while and it is his wife who keeps the pot boiling. This means that……… A. his wife is angry B. his wife keeps firing C. his wife boils water D. his wife avoids starvation
25. Mr. Acheampong took him to task. This means that…… A. Mr. Acheampong rebuked him B. Mr. Acheampong praised him C. Mr. Acheampong promoted him D. Mr. Acheampong dismissed him
From the alternatives letter A to D, choose the one that is nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence
26. It pays to be courteous rather than being A. rude B. wicked C. disobedient D. boastful
27. Drivers who drive with care are sometimes charged with ………………………. A. speeding B. drunkenness C. disobedient D. recklessness
28. Florence mistakenly killed the cat A. willingly B. intentionally C. carelessly D. hastily
29. Diana had applied for temporal job.
A. a dull B. a boring C. an exciting D. a permanent
30. Dora was honoured in public
A. accepted B. respected C. disgraced D. welcomed

Answer all questions in this section.
Debbie, Sandy and Pepe(pg 10)
“They spent most of the break searching for fresh worms, insects and seeds.”

1 Who does the ‘they’ in the extract above refer to?
2 What was the fresh worms, insects and seeds for?

Scribbler’s Dream(pg 98)
The dream in your mind
fills the shelf
When upon the shelf you gaze
Vacuum stares at you

3 what’s the dream in his mind?
4 which literary device is used in the last line of the extract?
5 Who is a scribbler?

The generous hunter (164)
6 Who told the chief and his elders that Asempa visited the palace at odd times?
7 According to the story, who married the Princess?
8 State two lessons drawn from the story

The dilemma of a Ghost

But you will not listen to me. I say my wife is as black as we all are
9 Who is the speaker in the extract above?


Answer only one question from this part.

1. Write a letter to your friend describing to him/her, how you spent your long vacation.
2. Describe the market day of your community
3. Write an article for publication in your school magazine on the topic; the relationship between parents and their children should be cordial.

Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

The dry season was very long. The people waited anxiously for the rains to plant their seeds. The rain clouds that appeared occasionally were deceptive. To while away the time, they wove baskets and kente; others carved stools or sat under trees, playing games and drinking palm wine.

Richard and his family were on the verge of starvation. They had just one cassava farm left to feed on. The maize in the barn was all gone. In fact, they had started eating the seed maize. Richard kept wondering how he would get seeds to plant when the rainy season eventually started. He went to inspect the traps he had set for the rodents that had been feasting on the cassava. If the traps caught any animals, it would be a double blessing ; he would get meat and reduce the population of ‘his enemies’ , the pest.

While inspecting his traps, he saw some smoke. He dashed towards it. He tried to put out the fire but could not. He shouted for help. In a twinkling of an eye, the whole farm had been destroyed. Richard wept uncontrollably.

When he reached the village, his neighbours rushed to his house to console him. They gave him foodstuffs and promised to help him get back on his feet. Boateng, the palm wine tapper, visited Richard that evening. He was accompanied by two elderly and highly respected men in the village. Their mission was simple.

Boateng had asked them to apologize to Richard on his behalf. It was the fire from Boateng’s torch that had caused the havoc and brought such agony to Richard’s family. What could Richard do or say?


A. What was the main occupation of the people?
B. State two other things they did that could earn them an income.
C. How did Richard feel when his farm was burnt?
D. Why did the writer refer to the pests as ‘his enemies’?
E. What does ‘pests’ refer to?
F. For each of the following words, give another word or phrase that means the same and can fit into the passage:
i. anxiously ii. Deceptive iii. Dashed iv. mission v. agony


Good luck as you take this test:  BECE English Language Trial Test for JH3 students (BECE Trial Test 1). Challenge yourself throughout.

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