2023 BECE RME Questions from Selected Topics

2023 BECE Final English Language Revision (Questions & Answers) 2023 BECE English Language 20 English Language Narrative, Descriptive and Argumentative Questions for 2023 BECE candidates 2023 BECE RME Questions from Selected Topics are meant to help JHS three students preparing for BECE. Solve all BECE Social Studies Likely Questions

These 2023 BECE RME Questions from Selected Topics are meant to help JHS three students preparing for BECE to test their readiness for the exam.

When answering these RME questions, avoid the temptation of using single words, mere mention answers, and phrasal statements. Instead, use the main points to explain the answer. Expand your answers and avoid underlining answers when answering these RME questions.

If you provide lazy answers as described above, you are not ready for the BECE.


2023 BECE RME Questions from Selected Topics


Answer all questions only from this section. All questions carry equal marks


  1. (a)       Explain puberty and discover at least three (3) examples of puberty rites.                [5 marks]

(b)        State five (5) emotional changes that occur both in male and female.                       [5marks]

(c)            State and explain five (5) significance of puberty rites.                                             [10 marks]

  1. (a) In your own words, define marriage and state three (3) different types of marriage you know. [5 marks]

(b)      Mention five (5) activities that goes on during marriage of the African Indigenous Religion.    [5 marks]

(c)       Explain five (5) importance of marriage you know.    [10 marks]

  1. (a) What s death?     [2 marks]

(b)        State four changes that has occur in Christian burial.   [8 marks]

(c)        State and explain five involved processes in the performance of Islamic death rites. [10 marks]

  1. (a) Discuss five moral lessons that you have learnt from the rites of passage. [10 marks]

(b)        Enumerate five reasons why we study religion. [5 marks]

(c)        State five ways in which we can prevent diseases.  [5 marks]

  1. (a) Describe briefly the Christian’s story of creation.    [5 marks]

(b)        Enumerate respectively the stages of the human creation according to Islam.  [5 marks]

c)            Justify five (5) ways in which we can apply the moral values from the story of creation to our lives.        [10 marks]

  1. (a) What is outdooring?  [5 marks]

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(b)        Describe five (5) importance of outdooring. [10 marks]

(c)        Mention five (5) factors to consider when choosing a name for a newly born baby. [5 marks]

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