WASSCE Business Management Sample Questions for Students (Set A)

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Get ready to solve these WASSCE Sample Questions for Business Management Students as part of your preparation for the WASSCE.

The Business Management course at the SHS level, which is a subject under the Business programme, remains one of the easy-to-pass papers. Any student who fails this paper should bow his or her head in shame.

The subject and the topics taught are easy to understand, and learners who put in minimal effort consistently over a period should be able to excel and make very good grades in the subject.

In this write-up, we share with Business Students studying business management some questions to solve. Candidates are advised to carefully read each, question and then to develop the answers or points they will explain for each question.

This should be followed by a group discussion with very serious and dedicated students. Once the students complete the discussion, each student should attempt the questions under strict examination conditions and rules.

Students are encouraged to explain the points they raise and develop them well. Do well to support answers with very good examples

WASSCE Sample Questions for Business Management Students (Set A)

Question 1:

Identity and discuss the characteristics of each of the following forms of business organization.

[a] Partnership

[b]  Limited liability company

[c]  Public corporation

Question 2:

[a] Describe the procedures for the formation of a Limited liability company and Sole business.

[b] Discuss five differences between Sole business and partnership

Question 3:

[a] Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of partnership business

[b] Describe the methods for the distribution of profits and absorption of losses in a partnership business

Question 4:

[a] Discuss any five causes of business failure in Ghana.

[b] Explain the basic functions of management.

Question 5:

[a] Discuss the different levels of management designed to help to meet corporate objectives. 

[b] What is the relationship between the board of directors and the various levels of management of a company?


Question 6:

[a] Identify and describe the functions of managers based on their departments within organizations.

[b] Managers are responsible for interpersonal, decisional and information roles. Discuss two of these functions under each subheading.

Question 7:

[a] Discuss how culture influences management practices in Ghana

[b] Explain any four differences between administration and management

Question 8:

[a] Explain what internal and external business forces within the business environment are.

[b] Explain four internal and three external business forces


Question 9:

[a] Differentiate among ethical, legal, and social responsibilities of business. Support each explanation with at least one example.

[b] Discuss four implications of noncompliance for business with the legal requirements?

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Question 10:

An accounting firm has key stakeholders just like any other business.

[a] Differentiate between stakeholders and shareholders.

[b] List three stakeholders each under Primary and secondary groupings

[c] Discuss any five stakeholders of the Accounting firm.


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