CONFIRMED!!!! 2023 WASSCE Social Studies Topics 2023 WASSCE General Knowledge in Art exam Answering BECE and WASSCE English Comprehension Questions 2023 WASSCE English Language Letter Writing Questions For Candidates More BECE candidates to fail if marking scheme is changed – Prof Cautions to 2023 WASSCE Candidates Candidates, teachers, and schools preparing for the BECE are encouraged to revise well and watch the following Topics for the 2023 BECE 2023 BECE Social Studies Projected Topics To Watch Have Been Released. These topics are based on data and are not leaked areas.  Answer BECE 2023 Social Studies Questions 2023 WASSCE Integrated Science


The questions on the exam will be a mix of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. They will test candidates’ knowledge of the concepts, theories, and practices of art.

Here are some sample questions that could be asked on the 2023 WASSCE General Knowledge in Art exam:

  • What are the three main components of basic design?
  • What are the different types of printmaking?
  • What are the characteristics of African art?
  • How can art be used to promote national development?
  • What are the ethical considerations involved in the practice of art?

The 2023 WASSCE General Knowledge in Art exam is a challenging exam, but it is also an important one. It tests candidates’ understanding of the visual arts and their ability to apply this knowledge in a creative and critical way

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Composition (Drawing or Painting)


1. Make a composition on one of the following themes:
Either: (a) Still life drawing
(i) A brief case
(ii) A pair of shoes
(iii) A hat/cap
(iv) A walking stick

or: (b) Imaginative Composition

“A tug-of-war”
Using calligraphy, write the following extract:

“Since no man has natural authority over his fellows, and since might can produce no right, the only foundation left for legitimate authority in human societies is Agreement.”

3. Design

Use cross-sections of three different fruits and three vegetables as motifs to design a cloth.

Use not more than three colours.

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