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2024 BECE Mock Questions and Answers for Schools

2024 BECE Mock Questions and answers Over 100 Tough WASSCE Integrated Science Objective Questions And Answers Smart Learning Tips for Students BECE Composition Question: Formal Letter With A Guide & Answer: Study the suggested solution and guide then attempt the question provided.

It is another examination year, and Ghanaeducation.org has in stock 2024 BECE mock questions and answers for schools. 

For schools preparing students for the BECE that WAEC will be administering, Education-News Consult created the mock questions and answers.

These mock question services have been offered to many schools since 2022, and they have helped hundreds of BECE candidates in various schools across the country prepare for the BECE.

The use of our mocks means giving your candidates the best of mock services that test their readiness, bring the best out of them, put teachers and schools on their toes, and help identify and deal with student weaknesses.

Why use the 2024 BECE mock questions and answers for Schools?

Our questions are either standard or above standard.

  1. They test not just the candidate but also the teacher handling the subject and put them on their toes to deliver excellent preparation.
  2. Our mock questions are set by experienced examiners
  3. The mock questions are also based on our internal projections for the examination year. This serves as a guide for our mocks.
  4. The mocks are based on Standards and question types we have projected for the 2024 BECE: Check out examples of questions here

What to do after buying and downloading the question files

Once you buy the question files, download them and save them carefully.

Also, ensure that you edit the name and logo on the paper before using them for your examination. This is easy to do if you purchase the MS Word files.

What subjects are offered in the 2024 BECE Mocks for Schools?

Eight key subjects are available for purchase. Individual teachers can also buy one or more subjects as well.

The subjects are:

  • English Language
  • Computing
  • Career Technology
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Religious and Moral Education


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How to buy the 2024 BECE mock questions

  • Log onto our online portal for sale at https://paystack.shop/2024-bece-mocks-store  You can get our mocks at a discounted price if you chat with us on 0550360658 via WhatsApp or buy at the full price on our online store. This discount is only for schools. With this discount, you get 2 sets of mock questions for GHS200 instead of GHS600 and 3 sets of Mock questions for GHS500 instead of GHS900.00
  • Go through the products available.
  • Selection: those you want to buy
  • Pay for them via Momo or Visa Card.
  • Download the files and use them.

Schools need to know that some of the products (the 2024 BECE mock questions for the examinations) are in PDF while others are in MS Word.

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Schools that want more of these services can also reach us via WhatsApp at 050360658 for additional discussions and consultation services.

Apart from the above services, parents can also enrol their wards for our independent assessment through our BECE Home Mock Examination service, which is a mock administered in all homes where a candidate is enrolled for the exam. It is a monthly examination, and all parents can enrol their wards.

Check out our video that explains this service below.






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