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2024 BECE Home Mock: Why parents must enrol their wards

2024 BECE Home Mock: Why parents must enrol their wards


Have you heard about the BECE Home Mock, and do you know why parents must enrol their wards in the 2024 BECE Home Mock? In this article, we share the reasons.


We all know that passing the BECE comes with a lot of preparation and sacrifice, but sadly, many candidates fail to make the desired grades each year.


Even though parents get their wards to sit in their respective school mocks, these mocks become mere formalities in some instances as parents do not get the best reports on the progress of their wards ahead of the impending examination.


The 2024 BECE Home Mock is the third mock we are running. The first set of mocks was carried out in 2022 with great success.

Sadly, parents are also unable to tell the exact challenges their learners are facing, which need to be taken care of to help the candidates get ready for the Junior High School examination.


The aforementioned factors and others help to explain why it is crucial for parents to hire independent examiners to evaluate their children at home using the novel BECE Home Mock that Ghanaeducation.org has organized.


The Home Mock comes in two packages. These are the core subjects only package and the Core Subjects Plus ICT and RME package.


The mock serves as a means of not only assessing the candidates but also parents to get a clearer picture of the performance of their ward.


The examiners, after making the scripts, also provide the examiner’s report, which helps parents know the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates.


The recommendations made by the examiners help parents make informed decisions and choices as to what to do to help the BECE candidate get ready for the main exam.


Additionally, the test puts candidates to the test on almost all predicted WAEC exam topics. This way, students enrolled get the chance to also access themselves on these topics.



Candidates also get the chance to have access to well-set and structured BECE mock questions and marking schemes at the end of each month’s examination. These materials, in addition to the examiner’s report, go a long way towards helping students practice and learn for the examination.


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In the end, the candidates become independent learners who are confident in themselves for the examination.

We recommend that parents and guardians enrol their wards in our home mock examination for BECE candidates for better success and results.



We challenge parents to listen to the audio attached to help them understand how the home mock works.

2024 BECE Home Mock: Watch this video before you enrol your ward.


Now that you know why parents must enrol their wards in the 2023 BECE Home Mock, what are you waiting for?


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Help your children excel with our 2024 home mock. Enrol them in the Education-News Consult Mock Examination.



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