10 Key WAEC Facts About 2023 WASSCE and BECE

WAEC threatens to delay marking of BECE, WASSCE (This is why) WAEC WhatsApp Line For Reporting WASSCE malpractice Candidates' Weakness in Core English Language (Paper Two) 10 Key WAEC Facts About 2023 WASSCE and BECE for students, schools, teachers and parents ahead of the examinationsPrices of Result Checkers & School Placement Cards Up - WAEC

WAEC has made public its examination year timelines for the BECE and WASSCE. In this informative article, we share with you 10 Key WAEC facts about 2023 WASSCE and BECE as announced by WAEC


The 10 key WAEC facts about 2023 WASSCE and BECE

The Press Statement On The Registration Of Candidates For The 2023 School Examinations (WASSCE & BECE) by WAEC contained 10 key details worth knowing. They are as follows;

  1. WAEC has officially opened the 2023 WASSCE registration for all schools (Public and Private) for the registration of candidates. The registration ends on Wednesday, 19th April 2023
  2. Only final-year students in Secondary School form 3 are qualified to be Solicit for students and advertise the WASSCE for School Candidates in any form e.g. in print, electronic or social media.
  3. Schools, be they public or private SHS cannot register SHS2 students, remedial students, or students from other schools as candidates for the WASSCE (SC) examination for 2023.
  4. WAEC has warned schools commercializing the WASSCE (SC) registration to stop. It also asked schools to stop charging outrageous fees which range between GH¢1,200.00 and GH¢6,750.00. According to WAEC, these schools are further promising candidates good grades. Schools caught in the act and named by WAEC are as follows
  • Olistar Senior High/Technical School, Abesim
  • Gateway SHS, Sunyani
  • Lawrence SHS, Sunyani
  • First Class SHS, Achimota (A1 assured)
  • Martin Luther SHS, Kintampo (No risk of results cancellation, 100% support by teaching staff, 100% WASSCE results assured)
  1. The WASSCE fees approved for 7 or 8 subjects is GH¢381.24. This amount according to the WAEC communiqué does not include fees for practical or oral tests which range between GH¢14.50 and GH¢19.50 per practical test.
  2. WEAC will withhold the results of any unqualified student registered for the examination until investigations are completed and the punitive
  3. Schools are to ensure details of students registered are correct and carefully entered on the portal.
  4. WAEC has revised its examination rules and has therefore introduced four new rules to meet the changing times. These rules are as follows “ The Rules and Regulations for dealing with cases of irregularity in the Council’s examinations have been revised. The revision includes new rules on” the following.
  • Destruction of Exhibits
  • Posting Live Questions on the Internet
  • Refusal to grant timely access into the school premises
  • Misconduct of examination officials

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  1. WAEC will conduct the 2023 WASSCE from Monday, 31stJuly to Tuesday, 26th September, 2023
  2. In between the WASSCE practical and the main examination, BECE will be conducted from 7th August to 11th August 2023. The BECE registration starts on Tuesday, 21stto Friday, 24th March 2023. However, the registration of eligible candidates will be open from Monday, 27th March to Friday, 28th April, 2023.



We hope the 10 key WAEC facts about 2023 WASSCE and BECE WAEC were useful and provided key details.

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