Sample JHS3 Mock Questions (BECE Mock Questions): English, RME & Int Science

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Sample JHS3 Mock Questions (BECE Mock Questions): English, RME & Int Science


  1. Give an account of the story of the sower.
  2. State four moral lessons from the story above.
  3. State four ways of showing courtesy.
  4. Explain four reasons one should show courtesy.
  5. Enumerate five emotional changes during puberty.
  6. Explain any three causes of the emotional changes above.


Sample JHS3 Mock Questions (BECE Mock Questions): English, RME & Int Science

Integrated Science


2.a. Define saturated solution
b. State the solvent for the following soluble substances
i. rubber
ii. oil paint
iii. Emulsion paint
iv. Alcohol
c.i Explain osmosis
ii. State two factors affect the rate of osmosis.
d.i. Give two differences between self-pollinated and cross pollinated flower.
ii. State three characteristics of enzymes.

3.a.i. Define weathering.
ii. State three differences between sandy soil and clayey soil.
b.i. Write down two components of the circulatory system in human.
ii. What is blood clotting.
c.i. State the law of refraction of light.
ii. Give two effects of refraction of light.
d. Define the following
i. Centripetal force
ii. Centrifugal force



Sample JHS3 Mock Questions (BECE Mock Questions): English, RME & Int Science


  1. Read the following passage carefully and answer all the questions which follow.


Human beings, one way or the other, fall sick. Sickness has therefore, come to stay with us. As a normal human being, it is believed that one will experience certain discomforts. This may subside if we take some drugs according to medical prescription or possible visit our doctors regularly. At times, it becomes necessary for us to be admitted at the hospital for proper treatment. Sickness is like weed, it does not grow in one man’s farm.

           The world is bittersweet, and sickness is the bitter part of life. What is difficult to comprehend is that some diseases have no cure. Such diseases have come to stay and will surely lead their victims to death. What makes people utterly confused or what aggravates the whole issue is that some of these diseases can be transferred from one person to another.

A typical example of such diseases is HIV\AIDS. HIV means Human Immune-deficiency Virus while AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV\AIDS was recognized in Ghana in 1981 and has ruined several communities. The deadly disease has no respect for humanity, and leaves no living human being unattended to. We must, therefore, pay individual attention to this fearful disease. It has rendered many children orphans, women widows, and men widowers.

A person suffering from HIV\AIDS may experience several symptoms prolonged fever, loss of weight, the person passes watery stools or diarrhoea, loss of appetite, night sweat, persistent cough, loss of hair and repeated attacks of boils and shingles. The disease is acquired through: having unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person, a mother to her baby through breast feeding, blood transfusion, sharing sharp objects like razor blades with people, being injected with unsterilized contaminated needles and syringes.

The general public must be highly concerned about this dehumanizing disease. The introduction of anti-retroviral drugs has helped patients to breathe a sign of relief. Even though the drug cannot cure

The disease, it helps the patients to maintain the shapes of their bodies, and also live for a while before they finally breathe their last. Today, AIDS patients undergo the agony of slow death due to the drug they take.


(a) i) According to the writer, sickness is part of human being. Quote a sentence from paragraph one to support this fact.


  1. ii) What makes diseases difficult to understand?

(b) Give two signs associated with the HIV\AIDS disease.


(c) Why is it that people are afraid of getting closer to people with HIV\AIDS?

(d) State two ways in which we can acquire HIV\AIDS.

(e) Explain in your own words the following expression as used in the passage.

(i)  ruined several communities.

(ii) to breathe a sign of relief.

(iii) before they finally breathe their last.

(f) For each of the following words, give another words or a phrase that means the same, and can fit into the passage.

(i) subside

(ii) prescription

(iii) comprehend

(iv) utterly

(v) persistent



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