More BECE candidates to fail if 2023 marking scheme is changed – Prof

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Examinations such as the BECE administered by WAEC are graded using a marking scheme that enables the council to rank the raw scores of candidates on a scale of grade 1 being the best to grade 9 being the worst.


More BECE candidates to fail if the marking scheme is changed.

Dr Kafui Etsey who is an Ass. Prof. at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), has asserted that Ghana will record high levels of BECE failures should the country go ahead to alter the BECE marking scheme.

Dr. Etsey gave the advice during the recent WAEC forum dubbed “The fundamentals of the BECE Grading System”. In his view, Ghana can use its own grading system, which may become a benchmark for our member countries of the WAEC.

He has therefore called on WAEC and other stakeholders such as the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) to make the necessary changes to the current grading system

Reacting to the call, Mrs. Wendy Addy-Lamptey of WAEC disclosed that the examination council has only one grading system in place for BECE candidates. Whether the candidate is writing the exam as a public or private school candidate, the same grading system is applied, she added.

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She further explained that for each examination, a final marking scheme is prepared after the Preliminary Coordinating meeting. The final marking scheme is then used by all examiners for marking and grading scripts/ candidates

“The final marking scheme is developed for each subject at the end of the Preliminary Coordinating meeting and all examiners use this final marking scheme to mark scripts of all candidates for that subject,” she said at the forum.

What is the 2023 BECE Score Ranges and Grades for Candidates

Here are the BECE grades and marks you need to know to figure out your aggregate.

90–100 =  1,
80–89  = 2
70–79 = 3
60–69 = 4
55 to 60= 5
50 to 54 =6

40 to 49 = 7
35–39 = 8
0 to 34 = 9

The 2023 edition of the BECE will be the 33rd education since the first examination was held in 1990. Do you agree that more BECE candidates to fail if the 2023 marking scheme is changed? Let us know your views on this.


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