How 2023 BECE grade results will be calculated

How 2023 BECE grade results will be calculated 2023 BECE Home Mock

Do you want to know how the 2023 BECE grade will be calculated? If Yes, then keep reading.

How 2023 BECE grade results will be calculated

How are BECE Scores or Aggregates Calculated?
At the BECE, all Candidates are graded based on their performance in the external examination (objective and written) and the school’s Continuous (Internal) Assessment marks.
Candidates are graded on a nine-point numerical scale, with Grade 1 denoting the best performance and Grade 9 denoting the worst.
The lower the grade between 1 and 9 the better with 1 being the best and 9 being the worst grade a candidate can attain. 

BECE Scores and Grades

The following are the standard BECE marks and grades that you must know in order to calculate your aggregate.

Note that in every year, based on the performance of candidates, WAEC may decide to maintain this, or adjust it up or down.

If you can work hard at the grades shared in this post, you will not need to worry about whether WAEC adjusts the grade score ranges upwards or downwards. Schools are also encouraged to use this grading system to measure the performance of their candidates as well.

  • 90-100 is graded as 1, GRADE AA+. It is the HIGHEST grade in the grading system.
  • 80-89, the second category in this classification is graded as 2, GRADE A. it is denoted as HIGHER.
  • 70-79, is grade 3, a B+, and is described as HIGH.
  • 60 -69 is grade 4, GRADE B, described as HIGH AVERAGE.
  • 55 – 60 is GRADE C+, classified as 5, and described as AVERAGE.
  • LOW AVERAGE is a description of marks falling between 50-54 and GRADE C; number 6 in the grading system.
  • Any mark ranging between 40-49 is considered as GRADE D+ and number 7; is described as LOW
  • 35-39 is GRADE E which is number 8, described as LOWER in the Stanine grading system.
  • GRADE F, 9 characterized by 9 is the LOWEST grade, which falls between 0-34.


How is the BECE results calculated?

The BECE results are calculated using the results of 6 subjects from your BECE. The subjects are All four core subjects plus the two best results from the remaining five subjects.

Thus, the grades from (English Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics) plus two best results from ICT. RME, Ghanaian Language, French, and BDT.

Assuming Kuma had the following grades at the 2023 BECE

English Language – 2

Integrated Science – 3

Social Studies – 1

Mathematics – 3

ICT – 3

RME – 1

Ghanaian Language – 4

French – 4

BDT – 2

Now let us do a practical application of the knowledge on how 2023 BECE grade results will be calculated.

His aggregate will be calculated as follows:

Core subject grades (A) = 2+3+1+3 = 9

Best 2 from the others = (RME +BDT) =1 + 2 = 3

The final Aggregate for Kuma is = 9+3 = Aggregate 12

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Will we write BECE in 2023?

The BECE for School and Private Candidates, 2023 will be administered from Monday, 7th to Friday, 11th August, 2023. The Council will hold briefing sessions for all stakeholders who will be involved in the registration of candidates from Tuesday, 21st to Friday, 24th March 2023.
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