Download 6 BECE Mock Papers with Answers for GHS50.00

Download 2023 BECE Mock Questions and Answers (English, Social, Maths and Science) 2023 BECE ICT Mock Questions and Answers 2023 BECE Pre Technical Skills Mock Questions Download Free Integrated Science BECE Mock Questions And Answers. Go through and download them now. Revise with these questions Students Report Card Grading, Attitude, Interest and Conduct Remarks for Teachers Home Economics Questions And Answers for JHS Students

We have heard your views about your desire to access our mock questions and answers. To ensure everyone who needs the papers gets access to them, we have uploaded 6 subjects with marking schemes.

The six subjects are English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, ICT, RME, and Social Studies. Our Mocks remain one of the best out there since we use predicted topics per subject to set the questions.

This helps our learners who get access to these questions to prepare very well for the main BECE with our test papers.


Enter HALF in the discount code section and get the questions and answers for GHS50.00 instead of GHS100.00

Download 6 BECE Mock Papers with Answers for GHS50.00

The price has been reduced from GHS100.00 to GHS50.00 for the 6 papers and the answers. Use this link to get all for just GHS50.00

This offer is valid until the End of the day on 19th APRIL 2023


The examiners concluded that many of our candidates have the same problems which have to be worked on now.

  1. Most candidates have little or no knowledge of the topics assessed, as though they have not been taught these topics in JHS1 and JHS2.
  2. They lack revision of the topics assessed.
  3. They are unable to answer questions correctly to obtain full marks
  4. They like simple answers in a few words and end up losing all the marks.
  5. Some easily deviate.
  6. Poor answer numbering. The main question number should be boldly written, followed by the sub-question number.
  7. Students need revision materials, i.e. Past papers, questions, answers, personal timetables, etc.
  8. Most candidates need urgent help with revision, especially in core subjects for those scoring below 55/100. This is worrying.
  9. The candidates performed well in ICT than in the other 5 subjects.



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