2023 BECE Integrated Science Mock Section B Questions (February Mock)

2023 BECE Integrated Science Mock Section B Questions (February Mock)

The preparation for the 2023 BECE has already started. As part of efforts to help schools, teachers, and students prepare for the examination, we have shared in this article the 2023 BECE Integrated Science Mock Section B Questions (February Mock) by Education-News Consult.

W challenge our cherished readers, students, and teachers to do their best to solve these questions are part of their preparation for the BECE.

The practical questions for this paper can be found here [2023 BECE Integrated Science Mock Practical Questions (February Mock) ]

The 2023 BECE Integrated Science Mock Section B Questions (February Mock)

SECTION B [60 marks] –  Answer only four questions from this section.


(a) (i) State two differences between ecosystem and habitat. [2 marks]
(ii) State two external features of the weaver bird that adapt it to live successfully in the environment. [2 marks]
(b) (i) Explain the term hazard? [1 mark]
(ii) List three safety precautions against hazards in the teaching and learning of science. [3 marks]
(c) A body of mass 12.0 kg is placed on an orange tree 20.0 metres above the ground.
(i) Calculate its potential energy with respect to the ground. [2 marks]
(ii) If the body is released from this height, what will be its kinetic energy just before it hits the ground? [g=10ms-2] [2 marks]
(d) List separately the vegetative parts and reproductive parts of a flowering plant. [3 marks]



(a) Explain each of the following farming systems;
Pastoral farming;
Ecological farming. [4 marks]

(b) (i) What is a transistor? [1 mark]
Give two uses of a transistor. [2 marks]
(c) Describe an experiment to show that there is a change in heat energy when a new substance is formed. [5 marks]
(d) (i) What is respiratory organ? [1 mark]
(ii) Name two structures of the respiratory system of humans. [2 marks]


(a) Mention four cultural practice is vegetable crop production. [4 marks]
(b) (i) What is recycling? [1 mark]
(ii) Give two advantages of recycling of materials. [2 marks]
(c) Mention one danger involved in each of the following activities in the laboratory.
(i) eating or drinking water in the laboratory; [1 mark]
(ii) washing hands with unknown liquid in a beaker; [1 mark]
Walking barefooted. [1 mark]
(d) (i) What is refraction of light? [1 mark]
(ii) Sketch a diagram to show the path of a light ray when it travels from air to glass.
[4 marks]



(a) Name the organs used by the following organisms for respiration;
Toad. [2 marks]

(b) (i) State two steps used by scientists in doing their work. [2 marks]
(ii) Give two subjects that may be considered applied science. [2 marks]
(c) (i) Explain why gases are more compressible than solids. [4 marks]
(ii) Give two areas where the compressible nature of a gas is applied. [2 marks]
(d) A boy throws a stone vertically up into the air. What are the energy changes that take place as the stone falls to the ground? [3 marks]



(a) (i) State two ways in which crop rotation is important in crop production. [2 marks]
(ii) Name two crops that are deep-rooted. [2 marks]
(b) (i) Explain the term forward bias of a p-n junction diode. [2 marks]
(ii) What is the role of a capacitor in a circuit? [2 marks]
(c) (i) What is air pollution? [1 mark]
(ii) Mention two ways to reduce air pollution. [2 marks]
(d) (i) Explain how the fish takes in oxygen. [2 marks]
(ii) For each of the following animals name one part which helps it to live in its environment.
α. bird;
β. fish. [2 marks]


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As you solve these 2023 BECE Integrated Science Mock Section B Questions (February Mock), look out for more resources as we upload them in the coming days and weeks.

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