2023 BECE Home Mock Results for May Released plus Examiner’s Report

2023 BECE Home Mock Results

Education-News Consult is pleased to announce the release of the 2023 BECE Home Mock Results for May, plus the Examiner’s Report.

Candidates and parents can access the results online on this portal, examhall.org. Leave a full message if you have any issues.

2023 BECE Home Mock Results Released: How to check the BECE Home Mock Results

  1. Log on to https://examhall.org/bece-home-mock-portal/
  2. Choose the month – MAY
  3. Choose the ear – 2023
  4. Enter the roll. This is the parent’s phone number used to register the candidate without the starting zero. E.g. if your phone number is 0550360658, you enter 550306658 in the Roll section.
  5. Click on SEARCH and wait for the results to load.
  6. Once the result loads, you can calculate the raw score and the aggregate. The raw score of each subject is written followed by the grade in a bracket. Example Mathematics 85 (2). In this, the raw score is 82 and the grade is 32.

Our Grading System for the Home Mock

90-100 = 1 

80-89 = 2

70- 79=3

60-69 = 4

55-59 = 5

50-54= 6

40-49 = 7 

35-39 = 8

00-34 = 9


JUNE 2023 BECE HOME MOCK Registration

The registration for new and old candidates is underway for June.

The June Mock takes place from 23rd June to 25th June 2023 in all homes where a candidate has been registered.

To register as a new parent, kindly go to June 2023 BECE Home Mock Registration Begins: Help Your Ward for all the details.

Kindly note that only parents or guardians can register their wards. Students cannot register themselves.

All rules relating to the examination must be observed, especially the submission of scripts to examiners on time and in the manner described. Note that late submissions will lead to the rejection of scripts, whether the parent or candidate is a new candidate or not.

Our Home Mock is not an online mock. All parents are encouraged to listen to the audio in the post-June 2023 BECE Home Mock Registration Begins: Help Your Ward before registering the candidate.

Good luck to all candidates as we prepare for the June Mock exam.



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