10 Top 2023 BECE English Essay Questions To Solve

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Students preparing for the BECE are challenged to solve the following 10 Top BECE English Essay Questions.

All candidates, schools, and English teachers should watch the questions carefully. Candidates must work hard to master the features of the various questions.

To do so, answer the following questions for each essay questions.

  1. Is the question you are about to solve a letter (Friendly or Official), narrative, argumentative essay, article for publication, etc?
  2. What kind of language should be used… A friendly tone, an official tone, an argumentative tone, etc.
  3. Organization features of the essay type

Now brainstorm the questions and write down the points you can explain in the essay.

After the above, solve the question by writing the essay.

10 Top BECE English Essay Questions To Solve

  1. Write an article for publication in your school magazine on the topic, My Role Model, and how he or she influenced me.
  2. Write an article for publication in your school magazine on the topic, “Dangers of destroying school property”
  3. Write an interesting story that explains “Don’t judge people by their looks”
  4. Write a letter to your friend and explain how you intend to spend the holidays after BECE
  5. Write a letter to your best pal in the US and explain three good things about your country,
  6. A friend wants you to join a bad company, write a letter to him or her giving three reasons why you can’t be part of the bad company.
  7. Write a letter to the District Chief Executive of your Assembly on the challenges facing your school. Make recommendations for each problem.
  8. As the School Prefect, write a speech you will deliver at the school’s speech and prize-giving day on the topic “The Importance of School Libraries”
  9. Your school needs an ICT lab, write a letter to an NGO giving them three reasons why they should support your school.
  10. Write a letter to your uncle who wants to sponsor your education. Explain to him three reasons why he must do so.


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We have no doubt that these 10 Top BECE English Essay Questions will challenge you and help you prepare better for the BECE,



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