2023 BECE Final English Language Revision (Questions & Answers)

2023 BECE Final English Language Revision (Questions & Answers) 2023 BECE English Language 20 English Language Narrative, Descriptive and Argumentative Questions for 2023 BECE candidates 2023 BECE RME Questions from Selected Topics are meant to help JHS three students preparing for BECE. Solve all BECE Social Studies Likely Questions

2023 BECE Final English Language Revision (Questions & Answers). The questions come with the answers for a quick purpose final revision.

1.Write a letter to your uncle explaining why you would prefer to attend a TVET instead of a secondary
2. Write a letter to your friend in another school and explain three dangers of watching television
instead of learning toward your exam.
3. Write a letter to your friend and describe how your favourite game is played.

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Answer all the questions in this part
SACKEY J. A. and DARMANI L. (COMP.): The Cockcrow
Read the following extract carefully and answer Questions 5(a) and 5(b)
JEAN WATSON: The Old Man and His Children
Once there was an old man who had seven sons.
They should have been his pride and joy.
But they were not.
(Page 17)
(a) The above extract is a/an ……………………..to a story.
(b) The idea expressed in the second sentence is that of ……………….
Question 5(c) to 5(e) are based on the abridged and simplified version of Charles Dickens’ Oliver
“Oliver walked 70 miles to London. In such a big city, no one would ever find him!
It was chilly and his feet hurt but he was happy to leave his old, miserable life behind”
(Page 107)
(c) Two of the people who treated Oliver badly, making him run away to London are
……..……and ……….…..
(d) An example of the use of contrast in the extract is ………………..……
“I robbed her. Before her body was cold,
I robbed her of the one item she had.
She could have sold it for food or shelter
but she kept it safe, ……..” (Page 117)
(e) “ ……the one item she had” was ………
Read the following extract carefully and answer Questions 5(f) and 5(h)AMA ATA AIDOO: The Dilemma of a Ghost
Yes, my young woman, I shall remember you.
I shall remember you in the hours of the night –
In my sleep,
In my sleepless sleep.
(Page 62)
(f) “… young woman” refers to ………………..
(g) The ‘sleepless sleep’ of the speaker is caused by ………………………
(h) “… sleepless sleep” shows that the speaker is ……………………..
Read the following extract carefully and answer Questions 5(i) and 5(j)
MERRILL CORNEY:Debbie, Sandy and Pepe
“Well, we’ll just have to look after him ourselves then”, she said.
“We’ll make a soft nest for him and feed him and when he grows up, he will stay in our
garden.” (Page 8)
(i) What did they choose for a nest for Pepe?
(j) Which figure of speech is mainly used in the extract?Objective Test
45 minutes
From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.
1. You shouldn’t work so late, ………?
A. won’t you
B. do you
C. should you
D. don’t you
2. Kwasi, you are coming to see me
tomorrow, ………….?
A. isn’t it
B. aren’t you
C. won’t you
D. don’t you
3. The government has set ……a committee
on education.
A. apart
B. up
C. in
D. by
4. We should always be proud ………….our
A. in
B. of
C. for
D. by
5. I was given ………money than you were
A. much more
B. many
C. much
D. many more
6. After Roderick ……….the dress, he looked
round for a pair of shoes that would match
A. has bought
B. is buying
C. had bought
D. was buying
7. This secret should remain ………you and
A. for
B. with
C. in
D. between


2023 BECE Final English Language Revision (Questions & Answers)
8. Mr Tawiah regularly ………….late in the
A. eat
B. eats
C. eaten
D. eating
9. Finish the work quickly and ………your
exercise books.
A. hand up
B. hand out
C. hand down
D. hand over
10. Many people have been invited, but……………..will be employed.
A. few
B. a few
C. little
D. a little
11. Akua was …………..that she won four
prizes.A. a girl so brilliant
B. a so brilliant girl
C. so brilliant a girl
D. a brilliant so girl
12. The white horse is ………..than the black one.
A. the faster
B. very faster
C. much the faster
D. very much faster
13. By the end of the day, I ………….the house.
A. shall paint
B. shall be painting
C. shall have painted
D. shall have been painting
14. The students set …………..early on their journey.
A. up
B. in
C. out
D. about
15. The harder you study, … …..your chance of success.
A. the great
B. greater
C. greatest
D. the greater

Choose from the alternatives lettered A to E the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence.

16. Everybody should have a goal in life.
A. a result
B. a choice
C. an aim
D. an opinion
17. All my clothes are outmoded.
A. specially made
B. worn out
C. handmade
D. old-fashioned
18. Adiza’s mother prepares very palatable
A. expensive
B. rich
C. tasty
D. interesting
19. The Manager was dismissed for gross
A. disrespect
B. incompetence
C. misconduct
D. dishonesty
20. There is no need to do rash work.
A. speedy
B. lazy
C. busy
D. hasty

2023 BECE Final English Language Revision (Questions & Answers)

In each of the following sentences a group of words has been underlined. Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined group of words.

21. It’s only 2 o’clock, Martin. You needn’t go
yet . This means that Martin ………
A. doesn’t want to go
B. can’t go yet
C. doesn’t have to go yet
D. isn’t going yet
22. She did her best to keep on the right side of
her teacher. This means she did her best not
to ………….her teacher.
A. offend
B. mislead
C. interrupt
D. misunderstand
23. Since the thief came out of prison he has
turned over a new leaf. This means he has
A. got a new job
B. changed his style of stealing
C. changed for the better
D. grown even more stubborn
24. The judge turned a deaf ear to what the murderer said. This means the judge
A. ignored what the murderer said
B. favoured the murderer when he heard his story
C. pretended that he was listening to the murderer’s story
D. was asleep when the murderer gave his evidence
25. Even though I don’t talk to her, I will give
the devil his due. This means I will ……… her.
A. agree with
B. confess to
C. reward
D. be kind to
From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence
26. The boxer displayed a high degree of bravery
in the fight.
A. speed
B. cowardice
C. alertness
D. competence
27. Some people prefer to eat lean meat.
A. uncooked
B. fatty
C. bloody
D. tasty
28. Musa was arrested for printing counterfeit
cedi notes.
A. acceptable
B. genuine
C. fine
D. correct


2023 BECE Final English Language Revision (Questions & Answers)
29. Issa was very rude to his teacher.
A. respectful
B. polite
C. obedient
D. truthful
30. This baby is very energetic for his age.
A. dull
B. simple
C. bulky
D. tall

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