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15 Top Sample 2024 BECE English Essay Questions For Teachers and Students

Sample 2024 BECE English Essay Questions BECE English Language

The sample 2024 BECE may be in July, but that is barely six months from now. Teachers can help their candidates solve these 2024 BECE English essay questions. They can be used as homework or classwork questions to keep students constantly engaged.

Students in JHS3 can also use these 2024 BECE English Essay Questions samples as practice questions at home to help them improve their essay writing skills.

Students, teachers, and schools that pay close attention to the questions here have a better chance of doing well in not only their mock examinations but also in their main examinations.

How to Solve the Sample 2024 BECE English Essay Questions

There are several major reasons why many candidates do not do well when it comes to the BECE English competition or essay-type questions. A candidate who scored below 22/30 here is on the verge of failing, and by following the tips shared here, teachers and candidates should be able to improve on teaching and learning essay writing.


The tips below are offered by Education-News Consult, the organisers of Ghana’s only BECE home mock examination since 2022, as well as the BECE school mocks.

For each essay question you read, ask the following questions:.

  1. Is the question a narrative essay? descriptive essay, descriptive narrative essay?
  2. Is the question a letter? If yes, is it a semi-formal, informal, or formal letter?
  3. What are the features of the essay in question?
  4. Brainstorm the points you will raise and explain them in the answer.
  5. The language tone (whether you will use an official or informal tone) will depend on the kind of essay.
  6. Narrative and descriptive essays should make logical sense.
  7. A narrative and descriptive essay must have some level of suspense.
  8. Use simple English when writing and avoid big words, poor grammar, and spelling mistakes.
  9. Work on your punctuation as well.
  10. For argumentative essays, learn how to write the title and the introductions and practice with them.

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Apart from the above, develop your introduction well. The best way to develop your introduction is to learn from your teacher, answer past questions and essays, and practice using your creativity.

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Attempt the 15 Sample 2024 BECE English Essay Questions.

Below are the 15 sample 2024 BECE English Essay Questions for teachers and students.

  1. You saw your uncle in a pathethic dream that looked so real. Retell your dream to your uncle over the phone.
  2. Your school is preparing for an intersports competition; write a speech to inspire the school team to victory.
  3. The MP for your constituency is a fan of sports; write a letter to him explaining three benefits you (the student) will get if he develops your school’s sports facility.
  4. Your teacher’s phone went missing, and it was found in your house after a thorough search. Explain to your head teacher why you do not know anything about the phone.
  5. Going to school every day is not easy work. Write an article for publication in your school magazine about what you would have done with your life if there was no schooling.
  6. Write a letter to an old friend explaining why he must consider TVET schools during school selection.
  7. As the main speaker in a debate on the benefits of studying computing at the JHS, write your proposal for the motion.
  8. Write a letter to the Ghana Cyber Security Authority and explain three forms of wrong use of technology among the youth and give one way to address each.
  9. You have won a scholarship to study a programme of your choice after secondary school. Explain to the scholarship-awarding institution why you would choose a particular programme.
  10. Write a letter to your aunt and explain to her three reasons why you prefer to live with her and not your parents.
  11. As the incoming library prefect, write a letter to your head teacher and explain three reasons why students in your school do not make use of the library. Give two solutions that can help deal with the situation.
  12. The town and country planning officials visited your residence and noticed your home was very dirty. They have decided to summon you before the Sanitation Court in seven days. Write a letter explaining yourself.
  13. Your favourite teacher is leaving for another school. Write a letter to him explaining three reasons why he must not leave.
  14. You were coughing along with three friends, disturbing others in the class. Write a letter to apologise and give any reasons why you should not be punished.
  15. Your mother is expected to return from the US. Write a letter to her outlining three educational materials she should bring to you and why.

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The above 15 sample 2024 BECE English essay questions for teachers and students have been carefully selected for you. Attempt all of them.



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