WASSCE HOME MOCK Examiners Needed: Apply Now

WASSCE HOME MOCK Examiners Needed Apply Now

Ghanaeducation.org and examhall.org have vacancies for WASSCE and NOV-DEC examiners and experience teachers. Officers who come on board shall be responsible for examining candidates from their respective homes.

Thus, set standard exam questions on likely areas, proving marking schemes, marking, and grading students.

An examiner shall also provide a brief examiner’s report on the subject marked.


There are five critical subject areas.


  • English Language
  • Social Studies
  • Integrated Science
  • Mathematics
  • Elective Mathematics

Questions to be submitted must not be past questions of WASSCE or NOVDEC papers.

A complete set of details submitted by an applicant approved as an examiner shall include the following.

a. Full objective test questions based on WAEC standard

b. Full set of Subjective test questions based on WAEC standard

c. Marking scheme for both Sections A and B of the questions submitted.


The Key Functions of an Examiner for the WASSCE/NOV-DEC Home Mock

  1. Examiners will provide standard questions and marking schemes in record time. Questions and Answers must be free from errors of all kinds.
  2. Examiners will mark scripts that come in PDF form. This task shall be completed within the specified time.
  3. Examiners will provide scores of candidates by uploading results onto our online database or onto our special data sheets.
  4. Provide an examiner’s report on the subject marked. This report shall not be less than a page and not more than two pages.

Some training and guidelines will be provided to examiners on how to mark soft copies of scripts submitted by those who take the examination.

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Again, guidelines shall be provided to examiners on how to enter scores online or onto our datasheets Note that the examination starts at the end of March 2023.

How to apply for the WASSCE HOME MOCK Examiner Vacancy

Interested examiners and experienced SHS teachers should kindly WhatsApp us at 0550360658. (WhatsApp) only

Kindly note that WhatsApp chats should start with.


SHS Examiner: Followed by your comment.


What will your questions submitted be used for and who will own the materials submitted and approved?

Questions submitted and approved would become the property of the portals mentions above. The questions will be used to access students preparing for the WASSCE r NOVDEC from their homes, etc.

They will also be uploaded onto our sites for students and parents to access.

The portals will pay teachers and examiners for the materials supplied and services rendered.

If you are a WASSCE or NOVDEC examiner or teacher, take advantage of this opportunity and be part of our growing team.


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