Want To Get An ‘A’ In Elective Mathematics? Master These Topics Now

WASSCE Elective Mathematics

The 2023 WASSCE Exams in near and these are well-analyzed topics for the Elective Mathematics subject for the upcoming WASSCE 2023 from July to September 2023.

Elective Mathematics is a subject that requires a deep understanding of various concepts and their applications. It covers a wide range of topics, including Correlation and Regression, Binary Operations, Functions, and Partial Fractions, Binomial Expansion, Logarithms and Indices, Polynomials, Basic Calculus, Circle Theorem, Matrices, Series and Sequence, as well as optional topics such as Statistics, Vectors and Mechanics, Kinematics, and Calculus (Differentiation and Integration).

In this article, we will discuss some of the key concepts that students will need to master in order to excel in the 2023 WASSCE Elective Mathematics exam.

TopicsDescriptionRequired Understanding/Actions
Correlation and RegressionStatistical concepts to analyze the relationship between two or more variablesUnderstand the coefficient of correlation and determination, and apply them to solve problems
Binary OperationsMathematical operations involving two elementsUnderstand the basic concepts of binary operations and apply them in solving problems
Functions and Partial FractionsMathematical objects that describe the relationship between two variables and simplify complex functionsUnderstand the basic concepts of functions and partial fractions, and differentiate and integrate them
Binomial ExpansionThe technique used to expand expressions involving binomialsUnderstand the binomial theorem and apply it to solve problems
Logarithm and IndicesMathematical concepts used in various fields such as engineering, physics, and financeUnderstand the basic concepts of logarithms and indices, including their properties, and apply them in solving problems
PolynomialsMathematical expressions involving one or more terms, each containing a constant and a variable raised to a powerUnderstand the basic concepts of polynomials, factorize, and solve polynomial equations
Basic CalculusBranch of mathematics dealing with the study of continuous change, involving differentiation and integration of functionsUnderstand the basic concepts of calculus, including limits, derivatives, and integrals, and apply them in solving problems
Circle TheoremSet of rules describing the relationship between the different parts of a circleUnderstand the basic concepts of the Circle Theorem, including the different angles and lengths associated with circles, and apply them in solving problems
MatricesMathematical objects consisting of a rectangular array of numbersUnderstand the basic concepts of matrices, including addition, multiplication, and determinants, and apply them in solving problems
Series and SequenceMathematical concepts dealing with the study of ordered sets of numbersUnderstand the basic concepts of series and sequence, including arithmetic and geometric progressions, and apply them in solving problems
Optional TopicsStatistics, Vectors and Mechanics, Kinematics, Calculus (Differentiation and Integration)Understand statistical methods, vector algebra, kinematic equations, and integration techniques

To excel in the 2023 WASSCE Elective Mathematics exam, students must have a deep understanding of the required concepts and their applications.

The above table lists the key topics that students should focus on, along with a brief description of each topic and the required understanding and actions.

It is essential to understand the basic concepts of correlation and regression, binary operations, functions and partial fractions, binomial expansion, logarithm and indices, polynomials, basic calculus, circle theorem, matrices, and series and sequence.

These topics form the foundation of Elective Mathematics, and students must be able to apply them in solving real-world problems.

Optional topics such as statistics, vectors and mechanics, kinematics, and calculus (differentiation and integration) can also be studied to gain a deeper understanding of mathematics.

These topics require a more advanced level of understanding and application, and students who choose to study them must be willing to put in extra effort and time.

The 2023 WASSCE Elective Mathematics exam covers a wide range of topics, and students must be well-prepared to tackle the exam.

By focusing on the key concepts and practicing problem-solving, students can master the required topics and excel in the exam.

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