CONFIRMED!!!! 2023 WASSCE Social Studies Topics

CONFIRMED!!!! 2023 WASSCE Social Studies Topics 2023 WASSCE General Knowledge in Art exam Answering BECE and WASSCE English Comprehension Questions 2023 WASSCE English Language Letter Writing Questions For Candidates More BECE candidates to fail if marking scheme is changed – Prof Cautions to 2023 WASSCE Candidates Candidates, teachers, and schools preparing for the BECE are encouraged to revise well and watch the following Topics for the 2023 BECE 2023 BECE Social Studies Projected Topics To Watch Have Been Released. These topics are based on data and are not leaked areas.  Answer BECE 2023 Social Studies Questions 2023 WASSCE Integrated Science

The 2023 WASSCE Social Studies is scheduled to begin today, Monday 28th August 2023. Here are the confirmed topics for the 2023 Social Studies paper.

Candidates are advised to glance through these topics in their recommended books and notes and make sure to understand every subtopic under these topics and provide the very best of answers when asked pertaining to these topics.

Candidates are to note that the Social Studies paper will be in these sections. The first section will be a three-hour paper, that is Section B or the theory part.

In this section, candidates are required to choose one question from each section and answer all the sub-questions that follow the selected question.

Social Studies paper 2 is made of three sections, mainly, the Environment, Governance, Politics, and Stability, and Social and Economic development.

Three questions will be provided under these three sections and candidates are required to select only one of these questions in each of the sections.

Below, you will find the confirmed topics for the 2023 WASSCE Social Studies paper 2 (theory).

Section 1: The Environment

The institution of marriage

Adolescent reproductive health

Education and Social Change

Responsible parenthood

National Identity

Our culture

Environmental degradation

Section 2: Governance, Politics, and Stability

Constitution, nation-building, and democracy

Rights and Responsibilities

Ghana and the international communities

Leadership and fellowship

Section 3: Social and Economic Development

The youth and national development

National socio-economic development

Productivity and Entrepreneurship


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Population growth and sustainable development.

These are the confirmed topics for the 2023 WASSCE Social Studies paper. Candidates are advised to go through these topics, with a few hours left they can understand some of the topics they haven’t learned yet or revised.

Candidates are also encouraged to only answer questions that demand listing of points with their strongest points followed by the weak points.

We wish all 2023 WASSCE Candidates the best of luck.


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