Term 1 Basic 6 English Language Questions & Answers

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Term 1 Basic 6 English Language Questions & Answers for Basic 6

Section A

Choose the correct abstract noun(s) in the following sentences from the alternatives A-D

  1. She was full of………..
  2. Fear she               c. full               d. was
  3. The man is preaching for……..before during and after the election
  4. Man peace           c. after             d. election
  5. ……… is a wonderful thing
    1. Thing love             c. place                        d. wonderful
  6. I admire Abena because of her …………
    1. Abena             admire         c. patience       d. her
  7. There is much……..among the youth
    1. Hatred among         c. much                        d. youth

Choose the correct article to complete the following sentences from the alternatives A-D

  1. ……….learners must work hard.
    1. An a                  c. the               d. hard
  2. ………orange is a fruit.
    1. Orange An   c. fruit             d. a
  3. That is…….phone.
    1. Phone an    c. a                   d. that
  4. She is eating……apple.
    1. An a      c. apple                        d. eating
  5. Some students were given…….book.
    1. Students some                        c. book            d. a

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Mungo Park and the Niger River.

Read the passage below.


The Niger River is the longest river in West Africa. It takes its source from the Fouta Jalon Mountains in Guinea and enters the sea in the Delta State of Nigeria. The main tributary of the Niger River is the River Benue. The Benue joins the Niger at Lokoja. Some of the important towns on the Niger River are Bamako and Timbuktu in Mali and Niamey in Niger. The Niger River is about 2600 miles long.


Term 1 Basic 6 English Language Questions & Answers for Basic 6

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