September 8, 2023

How parents can support their wards to learn and work at school

How parents can tell if their wards are learning in school or not

There are several ways parents can tell if their wards are learning in school or not and whether their academics are improving by the day irrespective of the modern-day pressures.

The modern-day job and pressures have become the main excuse why parents are not able to monitor the academic work of their children. Many parents, today, leave home early and report late and tired each day. This can make parents forget their responsibilities of monitoring the academic work of their wards at home.

However, the above is no excuse for parents if they value their investment, and the education of their wards and want the best out of that in the form of examination success and good results.

Even within the busy life lived by parents, a lot more can be done if they really want to know how well their wards are performing in school.

Below are some of the things parents can do to know to tell if their children are learning in school

Parents must review the school work of their wards.

It is often not the case that parents are so busy and are not able to space 20 minutes a week just to find out how well their wards are doing in school. The time can also be used to go through the books the children bring home. Parents should be able to check through the learner’s completed assignments. This can provide first-hand information on whether the student is studying or understanding what is taught in school.

Parents should attend the parent-teacher meetings

Often these meetings are held once or twice a term, and parents need to make time for these gatherings. It offers parents the chance to discuss their child’s academic progress and meet the teachers helping impact knowledge. A one-on-one discussion about the learner can start at such a meeting or after with the teacher of the learner. Given this opportunity, parents should be interested in finding out more about the strength and weaknesses of the learner, the behaviours put up, and what the head teacher can say about the attitude of the learner and the academic aspect which may not be known to the parent. Such discussions can lead to finding support and help for the learner.

Keep Communication Gaps Open with the teacher

In the Era of Mobile phones and Social media, parents should be able to communicate with teachers without necessarily going to the child’s school. Phone calls, and WhatsApp chats, among others, can be used to discuss issues relating to the academics and behaviour of the learner at school. Parents should also seek updates from teachers about the learner, on assignments submitted, and whether they were well done and submitted. This also puts the teacher on his or her toes and he or she may pay special attention to the learner.

Observe their child’s behaviour

Parents know their children better and should constantly observe them at home and also find out the kind of behaviour the learner puts up at school. There are many children who have different behaviours per the environment they find themselves. Parents should also engage in conversations with their wards about the school day and activities that took place in school. Find out if the learner has been given homework or not and whether they have been done. Ask for the books to take a look at the work done and make an input if need be. Parents should ask questions regarding the assignment and engage the learner in discussions related to the work.

Monitor their child’s grades.

Parents can also find out if their wards are learning in school and improving by monitoring their grades on a regular basis from books bought at home and text papers. In case a decline is found, parents should take steps to help the learner.


By using these methods, parents can determine if their children are learning in school and provide the necessary support to help them succeed academically.

As a parent, do not leave the future of your ward solely in the hands of the school and teachers. You have the prime responsibility to ensure your ward succeeds.

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