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3rd 2024 BECE Home and School Mock for Candidates Starts Jan. 26th 2024 (Register Now)

The Education-News Consult has opened registration for its 3rd BECE mock for 2024 candidates. Parents who want their wards to be assessed independently in their homes are welcome to register for the mock examination.

Parents who have already registered are also encouraged to get in touch and pay only the mock fee for their preferred package. Registration is GHS50.0, and it is a one-time payment.

However, each month a parent wants his or her ward examined, the mock fee must be paid. You can choose and pay for any of the mock packages each month.

Registration for our third mock starts on December 6, 2023, and ends on January 20, 2023. Once we have reached our maximum number, all new students or parents will have to join our February mock.

3rd 2024 BECE Home and School Mock for Candidates Starts Jan. 26th 2024 (Register Now)

What are the mock packages available, and how much do they cost for the 2024 BECE Home Mock?

Core subjects only: BECE Home Mock costs GHS70.00 per month.

Core subjects, Computing, and RME: BECE Home Mock costs GHS90.00 per month.

Core subjects: Computing, RME, Creative Arts and Design, and Career Technology:  BECE Home Mock costs GHS100.00 per month.


2024 BECE School Mock Packages for Schools and Registration

All 8 subjects (word copy) for schools cost GHS 300.00.


However, schools will have to register with us for GHS50.00 for the January to June 2024 BECE School Mocks.

Register for the 2024 BECE School Mock by clicking REGISTER NOW!!!

Schools are advised to take advantage of these 2024 BECE School Mocks.

A simple way to register your ward and have him or her take the 2024 BECE Home Mocks organised by Education-News Consult.

Chat with us via this WhatsApp link: Register for the 2024 BECE mock by clicking REGISTER NOW!!!

  1. Get details for paying and our audio that explains the mock (our audio will explain all the details).
  2. Register your ward and fill out a mock form online.
  3. Pay for your mock option (A,B, or C) using the payment details provided to you.
  4. We will confirm payment and send you mock submission details.
  5. Questions and all related information are sent to parents.
  6. Following our exam timetable, candidates take the exam. Check our timetable.
  7. Parents submit scripts for marking and grading. Marking is done, results are released online, and parent checks result from anywhere.
  8. The parent’s phone number is the candidate’s index number.
  9. Marking schemes for papers are released to parents and students for revision.
  10. The examiner’s report (either subject-based or student-based) is released.
  11. Marked scripts are returned to parents and candidates.
  12. The examinations are always based on our internally projected topics.
  13. The mock is in its third year since we started the nationwide mock in 2022.


Students who write our mock become well prepared, confident, and result-oriented as we ensure they deal with any mistakes the school may not work on before the BECE. 3rd 2024 BECE Home and School Mock for Candidates Starts Jan. 26th 2024 – Register Now

The differences between our mock and all other mocks are as follows:

  • It is the only nationwide BECE home mock in Ghana.
  • It is the only mock that provides the examiner’s results and recommendations for students to help them excel.
  • It is the only mock in Ghana that is based on well-examined topics (projected topics), which makes our students perform better.
  • It is the only BECE mock that allows parents to check results online.
  • The only BECE mock that pushes students to become the best and make their parents and themselves proud.
  • It is the only BECE home that ensures the candidate does not need leaked papers to pass.
  • Churches and NGOs access our mocks for their youth ministries and candidates each year.
  • Schools buy and use our mocks for their internal mocks.
  • Other schools write our mock and seek our making and grading as well.

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Get your ward and college enrolled now as we prepare for the 2024 BECE in style and with confidence of a better result. Do not wait any longer: 3rd 2024 BECE Home and School Mock for Candidates Starts Jan. 26th 2024 (Register Now)

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