Stephen Kwaku Owusu Is The New GES Deputy Director-General

Stephen Kwaku Owusu Is The New GES Deputy Director-General

Stephen Kwaku Owusu has been confirmed as the substantive GES Deputy Director-General of Management Services, after serving as Acting Deputy Director-General (Management Services) of the Ghana Education Service (GES). Mr Stephen Kwaku Owusu, Deputy Assistant Secretary-General (MS).

He was formerly the Regional Director for the Western-North area, where he conscientiously carried out his obligations.

He is from Wiamaose in the Ashanti Region. Mr. Owusu is happily married to Mrs. Evelyn Owusu, and they have three lovely children. He is proud former student of Okomfo Anokyi Secondary School and Prempeh College, where he earned his O’level and A’level diplomas.

He also holds Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Secretarial, Management, and English Language) from the University of Education, Winneba. He also holds Master’s Degree in Education (Higher Education Administration).

Mr. Owusu hopes to model education leadership and become an education leader of excellence with his over twenty-five (25) years of experience working in the Service.

He is dedicated to putting his expertise and professional experience to work for GES in order to provide holistic, inclusive, and equitable formal education to all Ghanaian school-aged children. He desires to be at the summit of educational leadership in Ghana and beyond.

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Duties of the GES Deputy Director-General

The Deputy Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) is a senior position within the GES that is responsible for providing leadership and support to the Director-General in the implementation of the GES’s mandate.

The specific duties of the Deputy Director-General vary depending on the needs of the GES and the specific responsibilities assigned by the Director-General. However, some of the common duties of the Deputy Director-General include:

  • Assisting the Director-General in the planning, development, and implementation of the GES’s policies and programs
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the GES
  • Representing the GES at various forums and meetings
  • Providing support and guidance to the GES’s regional and district directors
  • Ensuring that the GES’s resources are used efficiently and effectively
  • Monitoring and evaluating the GES’s performance

The Deputy Director-General is also responsible for overseeing the work of specific departments and divisions within the GES, such as the Human Resource Management and Development Department, the Curriculum Development and Research Division, and the Assessment Division.

The Deputy Director-General is a key member of the GES’s leadership team and plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the GES’s mission to provide quality education to all Ghanaian children.

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