Former NSMQ contestant, Alphonsus Adu-Bredu, builds wild robots as a PhD student

NSMQ Boy Alphonsus Adu-Bredu

Meet Alphonsus Adu-Bredu, a former contestant of Ghana’s National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), who has now become a driving force in the robotics industry.

Adu-Bredu is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the Robotics Institute of the University of Michigan in the United States, where he is making significant contributions to the development of bipedal humanoid robots.

The Opoku Ware School (OWASS) alumnus has been passionately interested in robots since his NSMQ days, and he is now dedicated to integrating task planning and optimal control techniques to enhance the abilities of bipedal humanoid robots in household settings.

His aim is to make robots more practical and efficient so that they can perform tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and playing with kids.

Adu-Bredu’s journey to his current position has been a remarkable one. He first gained fame as a member of the OWASS 2014 NSMQ squad, where he displayed his exceptional knowledge of science and mathematics. He was particularly noted for his outstanding performance in a duel with Reuben Duti, which left their opponents scrambling for cover.

Despite the team’s impressive performance, they were ultimately defeated in the semifinals by Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS). However, Adu-Bredu’s passion for science and mathematics only continued to grow, and he went on to earn his undergraduate degrees from Tufts University in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

Adu-Bredu’s hard work and dedication have paid off, as he has received several accolades and awards for his innovative research in robotics.

He was awarded the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship in 2022, which recognizes outstanding PhD candidates conducting cutting-edge robotics research.

In addition, he received the Best Paper Award in Mobile Manipulation at the prestigious International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2021.

These honors serve as a testament to the impact and significance of his work and the high regard in which he is held by prominent individuals and organizations in the field.

If you’re curious to see Adu-Bredu’s work in action, be sure to check out his Twitter video, where he demonstrates his robots’ impressive capabilities.

Alphonsus Adu-Bredu’s fascination with robotics dates back to his high school days. His interest in science and mathematics motivated him to participate in the National Science and Maths Quiz, where he and his teammates represented Opoku Ware School in 2014. Adu-Bredu’s exceptional performance in the competition caught the attention of many, and he became known for his intellectual prowess and problem-solving skills.

After completing his high school education, Adu-Bredu set his sights on pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He was accepted into Tufts University, where he excelled academically and distinguished himself as a talented and hardworking student.

While at Tufts, Adu-Bredu had the opportunity to participate in various research projects that sparked his interest in robotics.

His research focused on developing humanoid robots that could perform tasks in human environments, such as cooking, cleaning, and assisting with daily living activities.

As a PhD student, Adu-Bredu has continued his research on bipedal humanoid robots, focusing on task planning and optimal control techniques.

His goal is to enhance the capabilities of robots to perform mobile manipulation tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy. He believes that these robots will become essential in household settings, where they can assist with a variety of tasks and improve people’s quality of life.

Adu-Bredu’s research has garnered the attention of many in the robotics industry. He has presented his findings at various conferences and has received numerous awards and accolades for his work.

His dedication to advancing the field of robotics has made him a role model for aspiring scientists and engineers.

Aside from his research, Adu-Bredu is also involved in mentoring and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. He is passionate about encouraging young people, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

In his free time, Adu-Bredu enjoys reading and watching sci-fi movies. He also loves to travel and explore new cultures. His passion for robotics has taken him to many parts of the world, where he has had the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers and learn about the latest advancements in the field.

Overall, Alphonsus Adu-Bredu’s journey from a National Science and Maths Quiz contestant to a renowned robotics researcher is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and passion. His innovative research and commitment to advancing the field of robotics will undoubtedly continue to have a significant impact on society in the years to come.

With his groundbreaking research and dedication to advancing the field of robotics, Alphonsus Adu-Bredu is an inspiration to all those who aspire to make a positive impact on the world through science and technology.


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