Causes of wrong school choices and selection every year and what can be done by parents

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Are you aware that over 100,000 BECE graduates are compelled to do self-placement every year and that you may end up doing self-placement if you miss placement into all your six school choices? You need to read this post to the end for the reasons and then how to avoid this.

Every year, many BECE graduates fail to get placed in any of their 6 schools chosen.

This sad outcome is caused by several factors and parents, schools, and Candidates are to be blamed for this.

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Why BECE Candidates make wrong school selection choices

The first group to blame is parents when candidates get rejected and not placed at all in any of the schools they choose.

  1. Parents are often guilty when this happens more than schools, Candidates, and Teachers.
  2. Failure by parents to be fly involved in school selection.
  3. Failure of parents to understand and appreciate the dynamics of the modern school selection process, rules, and strategies.
  4. Parents imposing schools and programmes on candidates against their wishes and fail to understand their learners and engage in collaborative efforts between them, the school, and the candidates.
  5. Parents always want to choose big and competitive schools that the academic competitiveness of their wards cannot match.
  6. Parents unwillingness to listen to or consider good advice from teachers and schools. When it comes to school selection, often, some parents become so bossy and choose schools anyhow without any consultation between them and the school.

The above all contribute to a massive number of students who don’t get placed, although they obtained good grades. To avoid this consider reading this post for the answers. [2023 School Selection: How To Use BECE Mock Results (Raw Scores) To Choose Schools]

The 2023 School Selection starts on 23rd August to 4th September 2023. Parents, Schools, Teachers, and candidates have the choice to use an integrated approach towards selecting schools or face the stress that comes with self placement.

Students and parents will be chasing after failed school placement if they decide to be guided by taste and preference instead of candidates’ academic abilities.

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