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Solve These Tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions (Prove You Are Ready)

Solve These Tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions (Prove You Are Ready)

We challenge all 2023 BECE candidates to test their readiness by solving these tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions.

Ensure that you provide clear answers that provide additional information. Do not answer these questions lazily. Attempt all the questions.

When solving these questions assume that the ones you cannot solve are those that will be used to test you during the BECE. This way you will be challenged to revise the topics from which all the questions were set out of.

Tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions

1 Briefly explain the following terms
i. Food spoilage 1 mark
ii. Food preservation 1 mark
b) List and explain three traditional methods of preserving food commodities 3 marks
c) Provide the meaning of the colours below 3 marks

Solve These Tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions (Prove You Are Ready)

d) i. Differentiate between elements and principles of design
ii. State two principles of design
3 marks
2 mark

e) Draw the figure below to full size in oblique using drawing instruments 7 marks

Solve These Tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions (Prove You Are Ready)


Solve These Tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions SECTION B
[50 MARKS]
Answer two questions only from this section
All questions carry equal marks
2) a) The figure below shows the elevation and the plan of a hexagonal pyramid
Draw the following

i. Front elevation 5marks

Surface development
2 mark
6 marks
2 marks
b) State two importance of surface development of an object
ci) Make a free hand pictorial sketch of a spirit level
ii) Give the use of the tool sketched in (ci)

3) a) Copy and copy the table below 8 marks

Solve These Tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions (Prove You Are Ready)

b) Explain the following terms
i. Batching 2 marks
ii. Aggregate 2 marks

iii. Sandcrete 2 marks
6 marks
2 marks
c) Make a neat and a freehand pictorial sketch of a brick and label two parts
d i) what is paring?
ii) Mention two major tools for paring


4.(a) The diagram above represents a tool for a work piece. Study it carefully and answer the questions below.

i. What does the diagram represents 1mark

Name the parts labelled I to VII
State two uses of the device
Sate three ways of caring for the tool
List one device that can be used in place of the device above

(b) i. Differentiate between marking out and setting out 2marks
ii. List three tools each of marking out and setting out 3marks
(c) Below are steps for moulding brick, rearranges the steps in correct order
1. Lift and put the brick on its edge for drying
2. Tamp it
3. Place the mould box on a pallet
4. Clean and water the inside faces of the mould box
5. Lift the mould box gently
6. Continue the process till it is full and level it
7. Allow the brick to dry in about ten days
8. Fill the mould box to one-third with laterite
9. Fill in more laterite and tamp 6marks

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Solve These Tough 2023 BECE Projected BDT Questions – SECTION A

Answer all questions in this section

1) The reflection of a particular ray when light falls on an object produces a sensation on the eye called …
A. Shade
B. Tone
C. Colour
D. Shadow
2) Which of the colours below symbolizes vision and creativity?
A. Blue
B. Gold
C. Violet
D. Silver
3) A pair of primary colours mixed together in equal proportion produces
A. Tertiary colours
B. Secondary colours
C. Cool cools
D. Complementary colours
4) The following are kinds of meal
services except….
A. Tray service
B. Panty service
C. Kitchen service
D. Table service
5) A fuse breaks when there is a/an …
A. High voltage
B. Low voltage
C. Excess current
D. Low current
6) The most important tool used for conveying ideas very quickly by drawing and sketching on paper is–
A. Felt pen
B. Crayon
C. Pencil
D. Rule
7) In oblique drawing one side is projected on the ……….
A. 60° axis
B. 45° axis
C. 90° axis
D. 30° axis
8) In setting up a small scale enterprise consider all except ………
A. Market
B. Capital
C. Location
D. Bank manager
9) Formal training takes place in ……..
A. An institution
B. A workshop
C. A training camp
D. A school
10) To prevent electrical shocks, wires are covered with ………………..
A. Cables
B. Insulators
C. Covered cables
D. Quality wires
11) Choice of material used for
packaging depends on the …………..
A. Buyer
B. Price of product
C. Types of products
D. Factory
12) Which of the following is not a step in the management process?
A. Planning
B. Marketing
C. Organizing
D. Directing
13) What vitamin is associated with
A. Vitamin K
B. Vitamin A
C. Vitamin D
D. Vitamin B
14) Which of the following is a conspicuous seam?
A. Open seam
B. French seam
C. Plain seam
D. Over laid seam
15) Running oversewing and machine stitches are all examples of ………
A. Temporary stitches
B. Decorative stitches
C. Joining stitches

D. Neat stitches

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