Download 2023 BECE Mock Questions and Answers (English, Social, Maths and Science)

Download 2023 BECE Mock Questions and Answers (English, Social, Maths and Science) 2023 BECE ICT Mock Questions and Answers 2023 BECE Pre Technical Skills Mock Questions Download Free Integrated Science BECE Mock Questions And Answers. Go through and download them now. Revise with these questions Students Report Card Grading, Attitude, Interest and Conduct Remarks for Teachers Home Economics Questions And Answers for JHS Students

We are excited to share with our cherished readers our February 2023 Download 2023 BECE Mock Questions and Answers. These are mock questions used to access our Home Mock candidates nationwide.

The subjects covered in this post include (English Language, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Integrated Science)

These Mock papers are good for personal student revisions, school or subject-specific revisions in schools, tests, and mocks as well.

Our Schools and Home BECE Mocks organized every month are questions based on project topics in the various subjects for the upcoming BECE.

It is important to note that, the questions provided here come with Marking schemes.

How to Download and Use Our 2023 BECE Mock Questions and Answers.

  1. Download the questions file
  2. Download the Answer files
  3. Copy the Password for opening the Question files and answers. The password is FMOCK1
  4. Print out the questions and the marking schemes for use at home or in schools
  5. Revise the questions and answers.

Teachers can use these mock to test their candidates in school. Parents can use it to independently test their candidates at home as well. Candidates can use these questions and marking schemes to study and revise for the upcoming BECE.


Download 2023 BECE Mock Questions and Answers For Free

English Language

MOCK Questions – Download 

Mock Marking Scheme – Download 


Social Studies

MOCK Questions – Download 

Mock Marking Scheme – Download 



MOCK Questions – Download 

Mock Marking Scheme – Download 


Integrated Science

MOCK Questions – Download 

Mock Marking Scheme – Download 

If you want to buy our mock papers with marking schemes, go to our online store, where you can pay via Momo and download your files instantly.

What is the BECE HOME MOCK?

The BECE home mock is a mock examination service offered by Education-News Consult. The mock is an innovative mock that converts every home into an exam hall and permits BECE candidates to take a mock at Home from Friday in the evening to Sunday after church service.

The mock is then submitted to us in the form of PDFs for marking a grading.

We mark your ward’s scripts, grade them and generate an examiner’s report for the mock. The results along with the examiner’s report are hosted on our site Examhall. Parents can then access the results using their personal phone number as the candidate’s index number.

GO HERE TO READ AND LISTEN TO HOW THE MOCK WORKS:  May 2023 BECE Home Mock Registration Starts Today: Help Your Ward

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