BECE Pre Tech Skills Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 1)

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The BECE Pre Tech Skills Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 1) covers section B or a subjective test. It comes with answers as well. Candidates and JHS 3 students are challenged to solve the questions and compare their answers to the marking scheme.

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This paper consists of two sections: A and B. Answer three questions only, choosing question 1 in section A and two questions from section B. All dimensions on the drawing are in millimetres. Credit will be given for clarity of expressions and orderly presentation of materials.


The BECE Pre Tech Skills Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 1)

[20 MARKS]

Answer question 1 (Compulsory)

(a) (i) State any two direct risks and two indirect risks. [4 marks]
(ii) Briefly explain how a direct risk can be controlled. [2 marks]
(b) (i) Explain the term patching? [1 mark]
(ii) List any two common ways of patching [2 marks]
(c) (i) List two methods of recording information for solving a design problem, [2 marks]
(ii) List two stages of the design process. [2 marks]
(d) The sketch below shows a spectrum. Write down the colours formed from A-G

[7 marks]


[50 MARKS]
Answer ALL questions from this section


(a) Figure 1 shows a one-course block wall. Use it to answer question 2(a)

Add three more courses to the wall in Figure 1. [3 marks]
Show a toothing end to the wall. [2 marks]
List two tools for laying the wall. [2 marks]
State one reason for introducing a half in the wall. [1 mark]

(b) (i) State four setting out and marking out tools used in woodwork. [4 marks]
(ii) Explain why chalk is used to coat the surface of metals when marking out. [3 marks]
(c) (i) Mention four types of paints. [4 marks]
(ii) Make a free pictorial sketch of the following;
α. pick axe [3 marks]
β. spade [3 marks]



(a) Figure 2 shows the front elevation and plan of an object made from a mild steel sheet.

Draw the full size of the following;
α. front elevation. [3 marks]
β. plan [3 marks]
γ. Surface development [3 marks]
State three care and maintenance of digging tools. [3 marks]

(b) (i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of the brick hammer. [3 marks]
(ii) Label any two parts of the brick hammer sketched in question 3(b). [2 marks]
(c) (i) Explain the following;
α. transparent finishes; [2 marks]
β. opaque finishes; [2 marks]
γ. penetrating finishes. [2 marks]
(ii) State two reasons for using finishes. [2 marks]



(a) (i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of the mould box. [3 marks]
(ii) State one care and maintenance of mould box. [1 mark]
State one reason for oiling the inside of the mould box before using it. [1 mark]
(b) (i) State one use of each of the following operations in woodwork;
α. preparing a smooth wooden surface [1 mark]
β. holding a woodwork piece firmly on a bench. [1 mark]
(ii) State the difference between a brick and a block. [2 marks]
(c) Figure 3 shows the plan of a hexagonal pyramid.

Draw the following;
α. the given plan
β. front view of the pyramid with a vertical height of 75mm.
γ. surface development of the pyramid without the base.
[10 marks]
Outline six steps involved when raising a wall. [ 6 marks].

(a) The sketch below indicates common walling methods use it to answer the questions that


Identify the type of walling method above. [2 marks]
Label the parts A, B and C in figure F. [3 marks]
When is it necessary to use figure F? [2 marks]
State two features of figure F? [2 marks]

(b) (i) Distinguish between a dot punch and a centre punch [2 marks]
(ii) State three care and maintenance of punches. [3 marks]
(c) (i) Sketch a pictorial view of a brick. [4 marks]
(ii) Indicate and label the following parts on the brick sketched in 5(c)i.
α. bed; [2 marks]
β. stretcher. [2 marks]
Make a pictorial sketch of a dot punch and label its parts [5 marks]




We hope the BECE Pre Tech Skills Trial Test for JH3 students (Test 1) would be helpful to all candidates.

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