2023 WASSCE History Trial Questions for General Arts Students

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General Arts students preparing for the 2023 WASSCE for School Candidates should study these 2023 WASSCE History Trial Questions.

Students of History are to attempt all the questions suggested here. Where some challenges exist, students should consult their notes, textbooks and teachers.

Describe the contribution of Pharoanic Egypt to Civilization

✅ What were the main features of the religious system of ancient Egypt ?

✅ Discuss the economic activities of the people of Ghana before 1800.

✅Describe the traditional iron working in Ghana

✅ Describe the indigenous method of leather production in Ghana and show its importance

✅ Discuss the importance of any two of the following plants in the pre-colonial economy of Ghana.(.a).Shea butter (b) The cola nut tree (c) The oil palm nut tree

✅ Discuss the Guggisberg constitution of 1925

✅ Why did agitation for political independence intensify after World War II?

✅ Discuss the factors that led to the 1948 riots in Ghana

✅ To what extent was the demand of the national Liberation movement met by 1957

✅ In what ways did the ancient Berbers organize Africa and their economic activities?

✅ Highlight five political and religious importance of the Pharoah in Ancient Egypt

✅how far had the demand of the national congress of British West Africa been met by 1930

✅ what were the composition and functions of the executive and Legislature council of the British colonial Administration up to 1925

✅ what were the main features of the 1951 constitution of Ghana?

✅ what were the effects of the World Wars on the people of Ghana

Give reasons for the formation of the Fante confederacy.

✅ state two main events of the 1948 riots

✅ Give an account of the social development in Ghana during Dr. Nkrumah’s regime

Name any six secondary schools established in Ghana between 1990 and 1950.

✅In what four ways did the colonial government promote education in Ghana

✅ To what extent was the Busia government democratic

✅ Show how the national Redemption council [NRC] government promoted agriculture

✅ Account for political instability in Ghanaians

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